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Encanto animation becomes one of the best works of Walt Disney’s animation studio with its attractive performances and colorful world. Stay tuned with Zomji and critique of this animation.

Encanto is the 60th feature-length animation made by Walt Disney’s animation studio for some time now. Charm animation has received a lot of attention in the sense that Byron Howard, the director of Tangled animation and Zootopia animation, is in charge of directing it, and in fact, the Zotopia team is behind the production of Disney musical animation. The Encanto animation is set to follow the story of an extraordinary family called the Madrigals who hide and live in the mountains of Colombia in a magical house in a vibrant city and in a wonderful and fascinating place called Encanto.

Enkanto magic gives every child in the family a tremendous amount of power, but Mirabel is the only member of the Madrigal family who has no power. But when Mirabel realizes that Encanto is in danger, he, as the only ordinary member of the Madrigal family, may be the last hope of this exceptional family. Everything tells of another Disney-style musical animation that can be seen without the princess or with the princess. But the Encanto animation, although it has all the factors to follow in the footsteps of other Disney animations, shows that it’s going to stand on its own two feet.

Continued critique may reveal parts of the Encanto animated story

Mirabel is taking care of the kids in the Encanto animation

Encanto’s animation follows a similar story to other Disney musical animations, but in practice has taken a different path.

The Ancanto animation tells the story of Mirabel, a simple girl with no power, but always trying to prove herself to her family. We find out later that he may have destroyed the magical power of the Madrigal family and is now seeking to save his home and the power of his family. At first glance, we are dealing with a story relatively similar to the Frozen animation, in which Mirabel has no power like Anna, but is trying to save his sister and his country. But Encanto animation, while not as deconstructive in general as Zotopia, ultimately follows a completely different path than previous Disney animations.

On the surface, we can see noticeable differences, one of the most important of which is the absence of an evil personality. Returning to the synopsis, it gives us the impression that someone like Bruno or another outsider is seeking to destroy the Madrigal family, but in reality this view contradicts the story and the concept of animation. Animation explains to us that it does not matter if a character has power or not, and each has its limitations. In fact, all of them are members of the same family and are not supposed to be perfect, and the sum of all of them forms the meaning of home.

Mirabel Madrigal and children in the Disney animated Encanto

The Madrigal family is described as a normal family, each of which may have certain powers, but are ultimately members of a family, and power is not meant to differentiate them.

The Madrigal family is described as a normal family, each of which may have certain powers, but are ultimately members of the same family, and power is not meant to distinguish them. But what has destroyed the power and threatened to destroy the house? We said that the series does not have an evil character and the roots of the problems actually go back to the past of Alma, the family’s grandmother. In fact, Alma in the animation is a symbol of the Colombian people who have fled their homes during the civil war and violence in this country and are now trying to maintain a safe place to live in any way. We see her running away from home in the past, losing her husband along the way, and eventually Encanto’s magic enabling her to start a new life.

This causes him to ignore ordinary family members like Mirabel, who are somehow described as the heart of the house in the animation, and instead of avoiding the mistakes of his past, he seeks to form a perfect family. In fact, the purpose of the animation in the first stage is to show that no family is perfect, and that every person, even if he has a lot of power to move a complete building or can make everything beautiful and perfect with flowers, still has weaknesses and They have problems. For example, Louise, Mirabel’s powerful sister, is always afraid that one day she will not be strong enough to do the city and housework, and she is even afraid that one day she will lose her power, and this has become a big crisis for her.

The girl is surprised with her ass animation

In fact, the story and the whole story and characterization of Encanto animation is taken from Colombia’s rough past, which is also the place of animation events.

Or Isabella, Mirabel’s sister, is described as a perfect and successful person who has not yet reached her full potential and wants to get married only for the sake of her grandmother’s opinion and consent. Or Bruno is described as a character who is somehow rejected by his family, but not just because he made a prediction, but because he left home because everyone blamed him for everything and thought his power would cause destruction. Or problems such as obesity are Bruno’s fault. Bruno is actually a representative of a group that predicts something, but people in the community or family do not want to heed the warning and then blame it on the person after it happens.

In fact, the story and the whole story and characterization of Encanto animation is taken from the violent past of Colombia and its society over different decades, which is also the place of animation events. Encanto has been described as a place that families somehow seek to reach for a peaceful and secure life, and now Alma is referred to as the person who is repeating the same mistakes. Although we are not going to see the end of darkness, and obviously we should not see such a thing in such a work, but the creators of the animation rightly decided to destroy Madrigal’s house. The correct reason for this decision is that the current house can no longer be a symbol to describe the house that the animation initially tells us.

The kid and his animals in the Encanto animation

Encanto animation has very good and powerful songs and performances

Now, in the end, the animation builds a house from the beginning, which is not made by magic, but by the efforts of all the family members and the people of Encanto, and each piece and part is put together with the love, interest and cooperation of the family members. They may have lost their home, but now they have built a new home, each with a role to play, and all the family members have put aside their differences and problems. But the animation depicts parts of the story and problems as well as its message in the form of musical performances. Lane-Manuel Miranda has been in charge of writing and producing the Encanto animated songs, which is why our expectations are high.

But Miranda has not only presented one of her best works in charm animation, but has also been able to incorporate all of the above into animated poems and performances to keep her attractive even to young people. It is very difficult to choose a song and perform, and maybe we can introduce Bruno’s song a little better than other performances. But in any case, all the performances are powerful, and it is safe to say that the Encanto animation has the best performances of Disney animated music, and perhaps even the best of its kind. But Enkanto animation has a very good performance in other areas as well, from suitable and powerful voice actors to beautiful and eye-catching design in the world of animation.

Mirabel and Bruno in the Encanto animation

The Encanto animation may not be as fresh and different as the Zootopia animation, and it may not be a completely deconstructive effect, but it has finally been able to break many of Disney’s animation patterns into a relatively different effect. Charm Animation is one of the best Disney original animations that has been able to make good use of the potential of Colombia and create and present a story inspired by the dark and violent past of this country. A story that is clearly not going to have all the factors, but at the heart of it is the importance of home and a safe place for the family, and that the family is never going to be perfect, and we all have problems that we have to accept.

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