Critics’ reaction to Rainbow Six Extraction


Today, Rainbow Six Extraction game is available to users and its average score indicates an average game.

In 2018, Ubisoft released a limited-time mode called Outbreak for Rainbow Six Siege, which received positive feedback. Meanwhile, at E3 2019, we saw the introduction of a new game called Rainbow Six Quarantine. Ubisoft said at the time that it was trying to provide a different and more entertaining experience by using elements and operators of the Sage version.

With all the delays and renaming the game to Rainbow Six Extraction, this game is finally available for PC, PlayStation and Xbox users today, January 20th. Of course, if you are a subscriber to Xbox GamePass or PC GamePass service, you do not need to buy it separately to experience Rainbow Six Extraction. Ubisoft announced a few days ago that Rainbow Six Extraction will be on gameplay.

Also yesterday afternoon, Rainbow Six Extraction game scores were released and we saw mediocre feedback from critics. In the following, you can read some of the comments of Rainbow Six Extraction critics in Zomji and share your opinions with us.

Rainbow Six Extraction

Health Recovery in Rainbow Six Extraction

God Easy Geek: 90 out of 100

Numerous explosions, excitement and endless fun are the hallmarks of Rainbow Six Extraction, and it shows that Ubisoft is at its best.

Hobby Consoles: 75 out of 100

Due to the mechanisms of Rainbow Six, the extraction gives those people who can not compete with others in the Rainbow Six Siege, a good opportunity to enter this experience. Although the game development system is deep enough, having four zones and 12 maps is not enough. However, co-op games are fun.

Gamers: 70 out of 100

Rainbow Six Extraction is a trim sequel to the Outbreak mode of Rainbow Six Siege, which was released in 2018. This game has potential, but it has not been fully used yet.

Distractoids: 70 out of 100

Due to its foundation, the game is not well implemented. But the risks involved in building the game exceeded my expectations. Therefore, Rainbow Six Extraction is worth the experience for some users.

Features: 60 out of 100

If you just want to experience Rainbow Six Extraction, we do not recommend this game; Especially on the PlayStation platform which has to cost $ 40. However, if you have your own group to experience online games, you are tired of your night game and you have gameplay, Rainbow Six Extraction can bring you good moments.

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