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Scream 5, the latest installment in the Scream series, was recently released in theaters and received relatively mediocre ratings from critics.

Scream, or “Scream” in Persian, is one of Paramount Pictures’s latest mysterious, terrifying, and terrifying works, made by two talented and relatively new directors, writers, and actors, Matt Bettinley Olpin and Tyler Gillette. The two filmmakers used to spend most of their time and skills making short films, but they also have two feature films on their resumes, including Devil’s Due and Ready or Not. Or not) and so on. In Scream, talented actors such as David Arquette as Devi Riley, No Campbell as Sydney Prescott, Courtney Cox as Gail Weathers, Melissa Barra as Samantha Carpenter, Jenna Ortega as Tara Carpenter, Jack Quaid as Richard Crash Dylan Mint starred as Wes Hicks.

The movie Scream was shown to the public in cinemas on January 14, 2022 (December 23, 1400). So far, this horror work has received 60 points out of 44 reviews of movies and series that have been posted on the Metacritic site. The screenplay was written by James Vanderbilt and Guy Busick. These artists wrote the screenplay based on the characters created by Kevin Williamson. On the other hand, James Vanderbilt himself, William Schrack and Paul Nainstein were the producers of this work. The film generally received a variety of reviews from critics, most of whom are in the upper and middle category. Most critics praised the film and its creators for paying homage to Wes Creon’s legacy and for interpreting beyond horror. Some even called Scream 5 the best sequel to the Scream movie series.

New Campbell with a gun in Scream 5

This is the first episode of the Scream movie series not directed by Wes Crown; The great director died of cancer in 2015. So far, the film grossed $ 13 million at the box office and became the second best-selling film of 2022. On the other hand, 188 critics of Raton Tomitoz, who watched this terrifying work, had different opinions about it and scored an overall score of 76%. Since the movie Scream some time ago Screened to world-renowned critics, reputable and popular international film and series review sites have published their comments and ratings for the film. The following is an overview of the movie review We will have Scream from the point of view of reputable sites in the world; But before that, you can also read the synopsis of this released film:

It marks something about 25 years after the first major series of murders in Woodsboro; When a new killer appears and Sydney Prescott has to return to the area to find out the truth. The new killer wears a Ghost Face mask and targets a group of teenagers; Teenagers who uncovered secrets from the city’s deadly past.

Ghost Face in the school hallway in the movie Scream 5

Now let’s take a look at the published reviews of Scream:

William Bibiani | The Wrap

93 out of 100

The new episode of the Scream movie series is a killer. Terribly cleverly scary and terribly cleverly clever. It’s true that it fits in with the history of the series, but if it’s in the best interest of the story, it’s not afraid to upset fans at all, and it does so easily. Of all the works that have been made in this collection and remade the previous stories, this is probably the part that has done its job well. Scream baby.

First Richards | Time out

80 out of 100

Innovative, penetrating and full of love for the main and early parts of his collection. This episode can easily be considered the most entertaining work after Scream 2.

می عبدلباکی | Screen rent

70 out of 100

This film introduces us to new characters who both stand on their own two feet and have a lot of connections with other films; However, all these aspects are criticized at the same time. Nevertheless, the terrifying interpretation of the story still ranks first; As the fifth episode of this series shows, the Scream movie series still has a lot to offer.

Sean Brown in the movie Scream 5

David Rooney | Hollywood Reporter

50 out of 100

Of course, in the great mischief that exists in this film, there is also a series of entertainment. But at the same time, there is a joke and satire that is superficial and interferes with the story of the slaughter; So much so that I often wished I could watch one of these great works referred to in the film.

Roger Moore | Movie Nation

38 out of 100

Eventually that end appears, and all the slow killings, the many conversations, and the nerve-wracking in the story destroy all the good intentions, accomplishments, and positive qualities that existed in this “reconstruction.”

Michael Osalivan | Washington Post

25 out of 100

There is a theme called “Toxic Advocacy” that we can borrow and use from the dialogues of one of the young positive characters in the film. This episode of the Scream movie series is filled with endless dialogues and conversations that describe the difference between a sequel and a “reconstruction”; There are so many laws that are more than just a prison, and they all suffer fatally.

Also, in conclusion, Scream has received scores that make it a mediocre and relatively entertaining work; So if, after reading the introduction to this post and the critics’ comments, you feel that this work is in line with your taste, we also recommend it to you, Zumji’s good friends.

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