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Italian Studies, starring Vanessa Kirby, was recently released in cinemas and received relatively mediocre ratings from critics.

Italian Studies, or “Italian Studies” in Persian, is one of the latest drama works by Magnolia Pictures, made by the talented and innovative director and writer Adam Leon. This artist does not have many cinematic works in his resume; But his works include Gimme the Loot and Tramps. In Italian Studies, talented actresses such as Vanessa Kirby as Alina Reynolds, Simon Brickner as Simon, Anika Walsten as Anika, Annabel Hoffman as Annabelle, Maya Hawk as Erin, and Fred Hatchinger as Matt, among others. They have played a role.

The film “Italian Studies” was screened privately at the Tribeca Film Festival on June 12, 2021 (June 22, 1400). The filmmakers planned to release the film to the public in cinemas on January 14, 2022; In addition, it will be broadcast on VOD at the same time. So far, this drama has received a score of 60 out of 13 reviews of films and series that have been posted on the Metacritic site. The screenplay was written by Adam Leon himself.

On the other hand, Bard Becker Parton, Joshua Strachan, Yamund Washington, Andrea Roa and Jason Reef were the producers of this work. The film generally received a variety of reviews from critics, most of whom are in the upper and middle category. Most critics called the film unforgettable and praised Vanessa Kirby for her bold and powerful acting. They also wrote in their comments that Italian studies can probably be considered the best and most influential film in history, which is based on memory loss.

Vanessa Kirby in the middle of a street in Italian Studies

Another critic wrote that Italian studies was a unique curiosity; A plan without time and space constraints that gathers in a distinct mental experience and asks the audience: “Does memory really matter?” On the other hand, 36 critics of Raton Tomitoz, who watched this drama, had different opinions about it and scored an overall score of 42%. Since some time ago the film Italian Studies Screened to world-renowned critics, reputable and popular international film and series review sites have published their comments and ratings for the film. The following is an overview of the movie review We will have Italian Studies from the point of view of reputable sites in the world; But before that, you can also read the synopsis of this released film:

London-based author Alina Reynolds travels to her hometown of New York City for a while. But he inexplicably loses his memory and is suddenly left on the streets of Manhattan without any sense of time, place or even his own name, and wanders around. When Alina’s consciousness constantly fluctuates between imaginary conversations, snippets of her own short stories, and the events of the crowded city around her, she encounters a charismatic teenager named Simon and is strangely attracted to him. Simon, who is interested in this missing woman, soon introduces Alina to a group of his free friends. Together, they find their way through a turbulent city landscape full of life, beauty and music.

Vanessa Kirby with her friend in the store in the movie Italian Studies

Now let’s take a look at the published reviews of Italian Studies:

Nick Allen | Playlist

83 out of 100

Italian Studies is a remarkable combination of an intimate storytelling and atmospheric filmmaking, with a general and overconfidence of Leon and Kirby; Something that is many times more obvious than the slippery nature of the script.

Wendy Idea | Screen Daily

70 out of 100

In this freely and uncontrollable journey to the unknown, there is a barrier between real and imaginary encounters, and it becomes impenetrable from moment to moment; As there is a line between social norms and unacceptable behavior.

David Ehrlich | Indywire

67 out of 100

This film is about an artist who forgets himself. This drama is also made by an artist who is trying to do exactly the same thing; With the help of an actor who seeks the anchor of truth, he uses that anchor until dangerous waves threaten to pull him out of the sea.

Vanessa Kirby running in Italian Studies

Carlos Aguilar | Roger Ebert

63 out of 100

Adam Leon’s third film, with its repetition, disappoints the audience. This film is like a narrative exercise that is influenced by memory and youth. Italian studies is constantly trying to test this form of filmmaking; But it can not be completely successful.

Chris Barsanti | Slante Magazine

50 out of 100

During a night out in Manhattan with a forgetful person, the seeds of a fascinating and extraordinary narrative are sown but never grown.

می عبدلباکی | Screen rent

30 out of 100

Leon fills the film with a sense of insecure fear; At the same time, the main positive story and character does not lead to any valuable destination. It is as if the storytelling was written specifically with the aim of capturing the feeling of being lost in a city and what evil this event can bring to a human being. But very little research is done around Alina’s inner feelings, which is not very satisfactory.

Finally, as a conclusion, Italian Studies has received scores that make it a mediocre and relatively entertaining work; So if, after reading the introduction to this post and the critics’ comments, you feel that this work is in line with your taste, we also recommend it to you, Zumji’s good friends.

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