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The first season of the Foundation series proves that Apple’s high cost has not prevented the problems of this science fiction series from being seen. Follow Zomji and critique the first season of the Bonyad series.

It’s been a while since the first season of Foundation TV aired on Apple TV Plus, and this sci-fi series has now been extended for a second season. The series follows the story of a mathematician named Harry Seldon, the founder of psychology. He predicted the sunset of a galactic empire using mathematics.

In his prediction, Seldon predicted that the galactic empire would collapse in the next 30,000 years and that humanity would enter a dark age. But the period of collapse with his solutions can be reduced to a thousand years. Now he and his followers have been exiled to a deserted planet.

Continued criticism may reveal parts of the Foundation’s story

Jared Harris as Harry Seldon in the Foundation series

The Foundation series seeks to push the boundaries of religious beliefs and even cross red lines

The Foundation series seeks to push the boundaries of religious beliefs and even cross red lines. Throughout the series, we see that Seldon and his companions are like Noah and his followers, who are supposed to board a spaceship and then live on a planet like Noah’s ark. Their job is to gather the information and technology needed to shorten humanity’s dark ages, and in fact this information has become an alternative to Noah’s ark animals. On the other hand, the empire of Trentor is described as an empire similar to Rome, where we are beginning to set. On paper, the series has at least succeeded in describing such issues and telling the story of the fall of an empire and the rise of a light of hope.

Unfortunately, the foundation’s storyline has many problems from the beginning. The main problem is that in such a story we need a hero to guide people and become their leader, but the early death of Harry Seldon (although the manner of his death is different in the book and the series) makes the foundation from the beginning in the series Foundation does not have such a personality. In fact, the series has tried to do the same with the character of Salver Hardin, but this character lacks all the necessary charismatic features, and even the actor is not a good choice, and has become one of the biggest problems of the series in the first season.

Lee Pace as Dee Brother, Terence Mann as Dusk Brother and Cassin Bilton as Down Brother in Foundation

Apple has not been very sensitive in choosing the cast of the Foundation series

In fact, it seems that Apple only paid a lot to bring Jared Harris and Lee Peace in the series, and the rest of the actors were hired at the lowest possible cost. Of course, the problem of the series is not just the lack of a familiar name actor, and the problem is actually similar to the problem that the Witcher series has faced, and that is the existence of a large number of low-talented and average actors. You might even think that in the Game of Thrones series, only a small part of the actors were very famous or their only notable role is still playing in this series, but the main difference is that most of the actors in the Game of Thrones series, at least for some roles. They were appropriate in the series, but this is not very true in the Foundation series.

At least in the casting or casting of critical roles like Gall or Salver, Apple has apparently not been very sensitive, and we are not really actors with an acceptable ability to think that they are really special characters in Harry Seldon’s program. To have the leadership of the foundation. The question also arises in our minds whether the purpose of choosing the actor was his talent and abilities or other issues? But unlike the foundation’s storyline, which lacks a noticeable and engaging character that can attract us, Trentor’s storyline gradually finds better conditions and somehow saves the series. We realize from the beginning that for many years the empire was ruled by the clones of Cleon, the last emperor of Trentor.

Leah Harvey as Salver Hardin in the series Foundation

Three brothers are formed with the letters Brother Down as the youngest member, Brother Day as the Emperor, and Brother Dask as the oldest member.

Three brothers are formed with the letters Brother Down as the youngest member, Brother Dee as the emperor, and Brother Dask as the oldest member. Of course, they also have another member named Brother Darkens, who is in fact the last days of the clone life. Now, little by little, with the genetic disorder among our members, we are witnessing a decline in the power of the clones, and they are gradually gaining attention. Their perfect system is not so perfect, and a large gap has been created in it for several years. Their quest to tarnish Harry Seldon’s beloved face to try to regain power over their episodes has become something the series needs more than ever.

This storyline is much darker and more fascinating than the foundation storyline; Even though they are supposed to have a direct relationship with each other in the end. Of course, Lee Pace’s brilliant play is one of the reasons for the success of this storyline, which has been able to portray the face of a vicious and isolated character. David S. Guyer and the other writers of the series have been able to portray the declining days of the empire well, and we can well see its sunset in the first season. The series has created a background for the fall of Trentor, and if it does not deviate from this path, it can be said that it can still be known as the mainstay of the series. Of course, Harry Seldon’s storyline is also taking a different path, which could be interesting in the future.

Gal and his family in the first season of Foundation

Foundation is one of the most expensive TV series

However, if he was superficial in his dealings with religious concepts, he was largely successful in creating another falling Roman Empire. However, if we go back to the beginning of the series, we do not know and do not see much about Trentor, but little by little, this issue changes and although the series can still deal more and better with the city and planet of Trentor, but still the series continues. This trend has changed for the better. Of course, Lee Pace’s very good play to a good choice for the role of his brothers, as well as the robot that always accompanies these brothers, has made this section much stronger than the foundation section.

Foundation is also one of the most expensive TV series. Guerre had previously revealed that only the first two episodes of the Budget Foundation series have produced more than most of the films he has made. This can be understood even with a brief look at the world of Trentor or the world from which Gal came. The world created in the Foundation series has very good special effects quality and has become a positive point of the series, but maybe it would have been better, in addition to this big cost for the series special effects, a little more money to hire better writers and actors.

Planet Terminus attacked in the series Foundation

The Foundation series is an adaptation of a collection of novels of the same name by Isaac Asimov, which has a good and powerful beginning. Although problems can be seen from the beginning, but the series takes the first step well, but very quickly this good start fades and the series enters a downhill slope. But it is gradually taking on a better shape and offers a promising ending that could be promising as the second season is set to move in a better direction than the first.

However, there are still problems such as mediocre and weak acting of many actors to the problems of the script. But the involvement of more planets could improve the narrative of both main series, rather than relying solely on the appeal of Trentor.

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