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The Hellbound series “Hellboys” begins with an interesting question and idea: What would you do if you knew when you were going to die and you were doomed to go to hell? Now, stay tuned to the series review to see if this fascinating question keeps us going until the end of the series.

One of the best methods of civil protest in Korea is to criticize society, law and individuals in the form of films and serials. The Hell series focuses on the inequality of severity of crime and punishment in Korean law in the first half, and on the destructive effects of people’s judgments on each other’s lives in the second half. It also examines collective anxiety and fear in deeper layers. The series is directed by Eun Sang Ho, the director of the acclaimed film Train to Busan.Train to BusanHas a very attractive idea. Hellbound It is six parts and is adapted from Webtonian with the same name and combines supernatural concepts and religious prejudices and invites the audience to challenge and think.

Episodes one through three premiered at the Torteno 2021 International Film Festival, and the series is now exclusively in the hands of Netflix. Netflix is ​​still looking to invest in South Korean productions after the extraordinary global success and attention it gained from the Combined Game series, and this time it has chosen a supernatural story called Hell.

The details of the Hell series will be revealed below

  Demons in the series Hell

Story Hellbound Here it’s: A man sitting in a coffee shop, nervously, terrified and shaking, stares at his phone and counts the seconds. Suddenly the earth shakes and there are three huge gray creatures that look a bit like characters The Thing, Of the four, they are amazing, they appear out of nowhere. They are the devils who were sent from hell to burn the dead people and take them to hell. They take the time to show everyone the eternity of torment that awaits this man. Hellish creatures followed him and beat him to death. Then they circle around him and burn him with an explosion of light and fire, and suck the juice of his life. In the end, only the skeleton of the man is dismembered and remains unrecognizable.

This sequence is a powerful starter for Hellbound Is. During the film, it is revealed that not only the man sitting in the coffee shop, but also many other people receive and receive a message of death from an angel who appears to sinners in the form of a giant, transparent, innocent and floating head. An angel appears to them once and announces the date and time of their death to them, and at the very hour and minute announced, giant demons appear to them and take their lives. After several deaths occur before the eyes of ordinary people, an organized religion called the New Truth is formed around these supernatural events, in an attempt to make sense of it.

Hellbound makes clever puzzles. What if God suddenly decides to take away the freedom of will and instead use demons to practice morality and punish sinners in society? How do the people of modern society respond to the demons who have come to kill people? Why do people form sects and even launch live internet chat channels to track down culprits (those whose deaths have been announced)? What is the criterion for determining whether people are guilty or not? How can this stigma of being in hell change human behavior?

China Kyung Hoon in hellbound

Hellbound blends supernatural concepts and religious prejudices and invites the audience to challenge and think

Hellbound He answers some of these questions and boldly declares that knowing the price of sin does not make people sin or improve. Our intellect is our most important tool for responding to events around us, and when this important tool fails to respond, people look elsewhere for answers. Hell, it deals directly with how these events affect public opinion, and instead of growing or changing, a false prophet emerges and becomes a fictitious and organized religious leader in the world, and later becomes an authoritarian regime that Fear feeds the people and its legitimacy depends on something that no one knows how and why it happens. The New Truth describes the event as follows: Live righteousness, or else the wrath of God will overtake you. To take responsibility and punish anyone who thinks it is necessary.

But none of this makes a positive difference in people’s behavior. They only judge their sinful neighbors and acquaintances and try to correct them themselves, and others even take over the administration of divine justice and, in their own opinion, carry out divine punishment. But who says that these are divine punishments?

Chapter One Hellbound It is six parts, but it is actually divided into two parts, three parts. The first three episodes tell an independent story and in the middle of the season we have a new beginning in the series. In the first half, Jeong Jin Soo and a conscientious objector named China Kyung-hoon take center stage. Jane is a policeman whose life has been ruined by a crime and an unjust Korean law for murderers. China is the police responsible for investigating these killings. Her personal life has been ruined by the death of her husband, and she and her daughter are still in a state of shock and recovery after the loss. His daughter has been attracted to the New Truth sect led by Jeong, and this mysterious sect leader has a black-and-white view of beliefs and morals, and believes that those who die must be sinners and go to hell. He also gathers followers, and even when a woman receives her verdict and waits for the evil creatures to arrive, she shows him in front of the camera to prove to the world that this prophecy of death is a pure and holy message from God.

Shin Rock Meem is waiting for hellbound death

The second half loses much of the narrative and character context of the first half

Hell, it will happen in our own world in the near future. But this future is far enough away that we can not logically object to the paranormal events and the presence of gray demons and how they are killed, and it is still close enough that humans are using the technology of today. In the first half, most of the series takes place in a mysterious detective theme, and everyone is trying to figure out what is going on around them. But in the second half, new characters are introduced and take control of the story, and the theme of the series changes from a police mystery to a dramatic and romantic one. The second half of the series also focuses on the prediction of death, which is basically impossible to occur, and raises the question of whether the angel announcing death may have been wrong. Do demons, as the new truth says, come only for unclean spirits, or does this new way of death have nothing to do with the purity of the soul and is merely a way of dying?

The second half focuses on an interesting topic, but loses much of the narrative context (police theme) and character of the first half and becomes almost repetitive, sacrificing quality and not as impressive and scary as the first half. The most important problem of the second half is that it abandons the tense and enigmatic-police procedure of the first half, and takes on a heavy and repetitive procedure, and the audience gets a little bored.

Two Yoon Kim in Hellbound

Hellbound violence is sometimes reckless and bloody, and goes a little too far.

Violence is one of the most important factors in the attractiveness of this series. Violence takes many forms in the world and can be as external and active as the demons express it, and can sometimes be very passive. Yes, the giant demons bring a lot of violence into the series, but this violence is not shocking. The real shock is when we see how people react to this story. Passive violence occurs when people hate and resent sinners or those who do not believe in the new truth, and drive them away by beating or expressing hatred. Just like Squid Game, Violence Hellbound Sometimes it is violent, reckless and bloody, and this kind of violence goes a little too far. For example, who needs to see an elderly woman beaten to death and screaming in pain?

The overall trend of the series is good. Hellbound It could easily be filled with unnecessary subplots and stories, but it has a good duration, and even with a big time jump it can keep its course and keep the audience engaged.

The overall tone of the series is very calm and gentle and even a little romantic, and the attack of the infernal beasts, despite the storms that arise, contradicts the whole structure of the story. Every time they come and go, hell arises and everything turns upside down. This is a contradiction Hellbound Makes it very beautiful. The moments of ordinary people are saddened and frightened by the verdict, and they soften their consciences and morals, and the next moment, blood and violence and the screams of hell fill the corners.

  Uh oh this cult leader in the series Hell

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Suspension Hellbound It is very interesting, but this series should work more on how to tell the story and maintain its style. Especially at the end of this chapter, he raises other questions. Questions like what if people realized that the concepts that the New Truth group nurtured as religious teachings were something more or less than these teachings? Have the human beings already made personal pendants of religious concepts? Hell, despite the final scene, which refers to a potentially insane second chapter, and its incredibly compelling story idea, if it works more on its structure and characterization, it can achieve much more popularity and fame.

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