Dakota Johnson starring in Madame Webb Spider-Man


Sony’s superhero movie world is expanding with characters related to Spider-Man stories, and among them, Dakota Johnson will play the role of Madame Webb.

According to the latest cinema and television news, Dakota Johnson In the movie Madame Web will play the role of Madame Web; A work that will make Sony’s Spider-Man movie world bigger. اس. جی. ClarksonThe director of two episodes of the series Jessica Jones has been introduced as the director of Madame Webb.

The choice of The Lost Daughter star Dakota Johnson to play Madame Webb has thrilled some fans. At the same time, some audiences have been surprised by this choice due to the comics. Because they know Madame Webb in the form of an old lady constantly sitting on a chair; A woman who can see the future and has very few encounters with Marvel superheroes and superheroes in comics. Deadline reports that the film may have significant differences from the adapted source.

Morbius movie with game جرد لتو It will be released on April 1 and the movie Kraven the Hunter will be starring Aaron Johnson Scheduled for release in 2023. A possible Spider-Woman movie directed by Olivia Wilde And Venom 3 is one of the works that expands the cinematic world of Sony Spider-Man. Spider-Man: No Way Home grossed over $ 1.7 billion worldwide and became the best-selling feature film in Sony Pictures history. Now we have to see how successful or unsuccessful this company will be in making and showing other works in this cinematic world.

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