Dallas Buyers Club director Jean-Marc Valli has died


We hear that Dallas Buyers Club and Sharp Objects director Jean-Marc Valli has passed away at the age of 58.

In the latest Movie and TV news، Jean-Marc Valli, Canadian director and Oscar nominee dies. Mark Wally passed away on Saturday in his private cabin outside Quebec City, Canada. He was 58 years old and details of the cause of his death have not yet been released. Jean-Marc Wally is best known for directing the Dallas Buyers Club, for which he was nominated for an Academy Award. Jean-Marc Valli was born on March 9, 1963 in Montreal, Canada and had two children, Alex and Emily.

Mark Wally also directed the first season of the series over the years Big Little Lies and the series Sharp Objects were better known, for which they were nominated for 5 Emmy Awards, and also received 2 awards for Best Director and Best Short Series from the Emmy Awards for the Big Little Lies series. Mark Wally directed CRAZY in 2005, but rose to fame in 2009 with The Young Victoria starring Emily Blunt.

He directed Café de Flore in 2011, Dallas Buyers Club in 2013, Wild in 2014 and Demolition in 2015. Mark Wally then co-directed Big Little Lies and Sharp Objects with HBO, and recently signed a multilateral contract with the network to produce films and series. HBO confirmed the news of Jean-Marc Vali’s death and offered condolences over the tragedy.

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