Days Gone director dissatisfied with not making the sequel


Jeff Ross said on his Twitter account that although the Days Gone game sold well, the sequel was not made.

It’s been almost a year and five months since Ghost of Tsushima was released, and the game has sold over eight million copies; A statistic that Sony and Sucker Punch Studios are happy with. Jeff Ross, Director of Days Gone claims that the game sold more than 8 million copies about a year and seven months after its release. But he said the studio management team was treating the project like a failure.

“When I left Sony,” he says [سال ۲۰۲۰] A year and a half (plus a month) had passed since the game was released, and more than eight million copies had been sold. Since then, the game has definitely sold more, and even more than a million copies have been sold on PC. However, the behavior of the studio management made us feel that the game was a big disappointment. Even the first version of Killzone had a meta 70, and the sequel was able to get a meta 91. “You have to crawl on the ground before you walk, and you have to walk before you run.”

Ross went on to say that a sequel to the original game was to be made. But Sony did not allow the sequel to be made due to numerous negative and mediocre reviews of the game. A few months ago, a Bloomberg report mentioned these cases. There even seemed to be a time when the Bend team would be working on Uncharted, mostly Nate Dogg. As a result, some members left the studio. However, some time after the release of that report, the news of the creation of a new open world game was officially announced by Sony Band Studio.

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