Days Gone sales figures are not necessarily accurate


It was recently revealed that, contrary to Jeff Ross’ claim, 8 million copies of Days Gone could not be sold for sure.

Although Jeff Ross, Director of Days Gone continues to insist that “I stand by the numbers”, new information suggests that Days Gone may not have sold eight million copies at all. Recently, following the announcement of sales figures for Ghost of Tsushima, director Diz Gan announced on his Twitter account that Days Gone had sold more than eight million copies a year and seven months after its release, but it was ignored. Is. This is while now he himself is in a conversation with David Jeffy, The director of Twisted Metal and the first God of War game, explained from which source he got this statistic.

More specifically, he said, the “announced sales figures” are based on figures released by the Gamestat website; A website that calculates the number of players by tracking game trophy data. In this calculation, second-hand versions, PlayStation Plus and rentals of a game are also taken into account. Hence, the figure of eight million is not necessarily accurate. Because many people who can be registered as players in Gamestat have not bought a copy of this game for themselves. Even if a physical version of the game is handled by 100 people, 100 accounts will be registered on this site as Days Gone experimenters due to the trophies. So Ross did not announce the official Sony statistics at all.

This new information changed the game news so much that Game Informer Media corrected its report. According to Ross, the Days Gone sequel was not necessarily welcomed by the PlayStation’s management, and seems to have been scrapped by the studio’s main management. Apparently the studio / internal management team of Band Studio never gave the idea of ​​that game to people like شوهی یوشیدا And Herman Holst Who make the final decision, has not shown.

All of this talk comes as Sony Bend Studios has been formally working on a new game series for months. twitter Announced. Even in September, we saw Herman Holst praise the new Bend Studio game.

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