Daytona track returns to Gran Turismo in GT7


The official Gran Turismo Twitter account announced the return of the Daytona International track to the collection with a new version.

During the last game and citing the new post on the Twitter page of the Gran Turismo game series, it was revealed that the Daytona International track, which is one of the most popular tracks in the Gran Turismo series, will return to this series in Gran Turismo 7.

Since the introduction of Gran Turismo 7 until recently, things like the big and small hints of this track have made the fans of this work hope to return to the Daytona International track. But thanks to a new post on Sony’s Gran Turismo’s Twitter account, Polyphony Digital Studio, we now know for sure that this track is set to become a playground for car lovers again. In a new post on the game’s Twitter page, we read: “The Daytona International track will return to Gran Turismo 7 on March 4.”

Daytona International Speedway at Gran Turismo 7

The track was first made available to players in 2007 with the fifth version of the GT series. The addition of the track to the sixth edition of the series made Daytona International one of the most memorable racing tracks for Gran Turismo players. While the track’s absence from GT Sport was a source of frustration for fans, its return in the seventh installment will definitely delight fans of the series.

The track hosted tri-oval and road races in various versions of the Gran Turismo series. Some of the images seen from this track in various videos of Gran Turismo 7 game promise that in this new exclusive PlayStation racing and in the mentioned track, we will see competitions such as Oval courses, sports car course competitions and NASCAR course (NASCAR).

Gran Turismo 7 will be released on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 on March 4.

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