Decreased anxious content in the Elden Ring compared to previous FramSoft games


The creators of the game Elden Ring announced in a new interview that the stressful content of the world of Olden Ring will be less than their previous creations.

Recently and during the latest game news, یاساهیرو کیتائو In his latest interview with Elden Ring, FramSoft Studio revealed that the anxious content in the game world will be smaller than similar content in the world of the team’s previous works. Kitao while emphasizing the lack of change in the difficulty of the game [نسبت به‌ساخته‌ی قبلی فرام‌سافتور] He pointed out that the volume of anxious content in the game was low. “Kitao said in his speech:

“The greatness of the game world can create a lot of depth and fun. It can also transmit unwanted anxiety to the gamer. The Elden Ring development team was very careful that this could happen [وجود محتوای اضطراب‌آور در جهان بازی] “It should be far away.”

“Yes, given the tough battles in the game, I can understand that Alden Ring has less anxious content in other parts of the game,” Mita Suo Araki was quoted as saying. [نسبت‌به نبردهای پرتعدادش] “Yes, especially since the enemies are very strong in this game.”

Elden Ring

The FramSoft team games, in which the difficulty is divided into two sections, “the path to reach the bases” and “battle with the bases”, arrange an important part of creating space and challenge in the path of achieving great battles for the audience. This makes the gamer constantly in danger while traveling and suffers a lot of anxiety about this issue. Alden Ring players can use the horse to search the game environment faster and safer. Kitao continued his speech on this topic:

“Horses provide players with a stress-free way to travel to distant places. Horse vertical jump system [به‌کمک یک سری پلتفرم ویژه] It is provided to players as a fun and fast way. “The way in which the audience can travel a vertical path, climb highs and continue the search.”

Fight a few warriors against the big enemy in the game Elden Ring of Fram Software Studio

In addition to horses, Kitawa cited the Fast Travel mechanism as another way to reduce player anxiety. He argues that by visiting different locations on the map and being able to fast troll them (without restrictions and without the need for special items), in addition to having high freedom of action, they also experience little stress while surfing the environment. An item that helps the player when he enters a place full of enemies and deadly mechanisms and can open a new way for the audience.

To emphasize this, Kitao referred to the content of the game test network and said that stepping into the Stormveil environment and confronting the boss in this area in the final version of the game is completely optional (while this area was part of the main path in the test network). Kitao connects the theme of “wishing or not having anxious content in the environment” in a way that balances the volume of content / enemies / events on the map and says:

“One of the most important challenges for the development team was how to prevent the enemy from emptying or filling the map in vain; Without playing annoying content and at the same time making players interested in map search. This also applies to the arrangement of items and the timing of specific events on the map. “Adjusting these items along with balancing the gameplay continued until the last moment of the game development.”

Fantastic art image from the game Elden Ring by Japanese studio Fram Software

Kitao went on to explain that the round-the-clock cycle in the game does not change much about how enemies are placed on the map; Of course, according to him, some enemies enter the map only at night. According to Chitao and the IGN report, the FramSoft team has included this in the game, believing that the existence of such a case (changing enemies over time in the game’s time and place) may impose unnecessary stress and anxiety on the gamer.

If you’ve been successful in gaming test networking or watching the Elden Ring game test grid experience, you probably know that there is a special system of ‘checkpoints’ (storage points in the game environment) for different locations in the Old Ring. A case that clearly reduces the gamer’s anxiety while moving in the Alden Ring environments. Kitao explains:

“Despite a large map, ‌ travel again on the map [برای رسیدن به‌نقطه‌ای که بازیکن در آن کشته شده بود و حالا برای بازپس گرفتن Rune (امتیازات تجربه) از دست رفته باید به‌آن‌جا برگردد] It could have created a false stress for the audience. With that in mind, we found some very dangerous points in the game where we thought many gamers would be killed and their challenges repeated from the beginning. Thanks to this system, the player can now choose where he would like to play again, especially in these environments. “It was another development team technique to strike a balance between preventing anxiety and making the game map bigger.”

According to the game’s creators, the process of making the Elden Ring has been completed, and this work will be released on February 25 (March 26) for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox X Series | It will be Xbox S Series, Xbox One and PC.

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