Delay in broadcasting the Jeeran series and Satra’s explanation about it


Filimo stated that Satra’s considerations were the reason for the one-week delay in airing the Jeeran series, and now Satra has made a statement about it.

“Filimo did not start the Jeeran series on time, and Filimo issued a statement announcing that the release of the Jeeran series, which was scheduled to air on Friday, January 15, was delayed until next week at the latest,” February 1st. ” He gave an explanation about the incident. Filimo explained: ٨ “Forty hours before the show aired, a letter was sent to Filimo that was contrary to Satra’s routine and procedures, which included new considerations regarding the series’s audit over other series, which according to the administrative and legal rules of these cases. “It will not be retroactive and, of course, it should not have been included in part one of this series.”

Filimo goes on to say that this happened while “Satra’s corrections were made to the first part of the series by the production team on time.” “Filimo hoped to be able to release the first part on the due date, given the issues raised and the negotiations he had with Satra up to 8 hours before the release date,” Filimo said. “But due to some considerations by the watchdog regarding the audit of this series, its broadcast was delayed for up to a week.” Filimo is also committed to adding three more days to the accounts of users who have subscribed in the past three days.

Prinaz Izdiar in the population of the Jeeran series

Now, the Satellite Media Regulatory Authority (SATRA) has issued a five-point statement regarding the non-broadcasting of the Jeeran series. The text of Satra’s statement is as follows.

«۱. Supporting the online media ecosystem and developing local and Iranian content has always been Satra’s key strategy. To achieve this, we need careful and coherent planning in the production value chain to the publication of content, as well as supporting the legal activities of artists.

۲. “Jeeran” series is one of the first experiences of the private sector in the production of huge historical series that can play a significant role in the ecological development of local content and international marketing of Iranian cultural products.

3. Considering this view and considering that the production of “Jeeran” series has not been completed yet, Satra’s strategic recommendation considering the sensitivities and complexities of the series content to Filimo media, carefully planning the release, making the necessary arrangements and interactions in a safe way and avoiding disruption in the broadcast process. And this planning is shaped by the constructive interaction of the media and Satra. Therefore, Satra’s decision to delay the first episode of the series has been announced to Filimo Media.

4. Also, due to the allegations of infringement of intellectual property rights in the series “Jeeran”, due to the plaintiff’s unwillingness to continue the investigation by Satra, the issue remained silent in Satra until the request for investigation was registered by the producers of the series “My Deer Deer” or a court ruling. The release or non-release of the “Neighbors” series has nothing to do with that claim.

5. “It is hoped that by resolving the remaining issues in the coming days, it will be possible to broadcast the series, and Satra has suggested to Filimo Media that it take steps to ensure the rights of users who have made a purchase.”

The series is directed by Hassan Fathi and starring figures such as Prinaz Izdiar, Bahram Radan and Amir Hossein Fathi. The series, which deals with the reign of Nasser al-Din Shah Qajar, has received an age rating of over 15 from Filimo. Filimo tells the story of the neighbors.

«« Zanhar that the way and the way is lost and the permissible and the truth are mixed. The share of the peasant is a nightmare and the share of the king of the peacock throne. Where is Karim Khan’s plan to take back the royal crown? I do not know what to do with us? Where is the rare sword that avenges our misdeeds? The country is in turmoil and Amir Kabir is sleeping in the grave. Every name is a disgrace and every peace is a war. The human being seeks refuge in the qibla of the world. He wants a castle to be his refuge. For the children of man, no fortress is stronger than love. Let them shout everywhere: O people! Yesterday near Tajrish, your king fell in love… »»

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