Delay the Project_Hel Ghostrunner game package


The much-anticipated Project_Hel expansion pack for Ghostrunner will be available to players with a delay of almost two months.

In the latest game news, we learned that the release of the upcoming Ghostrunner expansion pack has been delayed by two months. The One More Level Studio action-sci-fi action game was an unexpected success after its release in 2020, and quickly attracted the attention of many players due to its challenging but satisfying combat system and, of course, its amazing parkour and displacement.

The Project_Hel expansion pack was scheduled to be available to Ghostrunner players this month; But fans will have to wait until March 3 to experience it. The announcement was made via a new Twitter post explaining the reason for the delay. The tweet states that the development team will use this extra time to “make beneficial improvements while ensuring the health of the team and global partners.”

In such cases, it is best to postpone the games until they are fully prepared; Until you rush and deliver a defective product to gamers. 505 Games recently bought the Ghostrunner series for $ 5 million. Currently the sequel to this action game for the PlayStation 5, Xbox X series platforms | The Xbox S Series and PC are in the development stages.

Ghostrunner was first released in October 2020 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms, and then made its way to the Nintendo Switch console in November of that year. The game was also made available to users of the PlayStation 5, Xbox X Series and Xbox S Series consoles in September 2021.

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