Demonstrate the performance of the PC version of Rainbow Six Extraction with DLSS in the gameplay trailer


The new Rainbow Six Extraction gameplay trailer shows how the game uses Nvidia DLSS technology.

In the latest game news, we learned that a new gameplay trailer of Rainbow Six Extraction has been released, which shows its performance when using Nvidia DLSS technology. As many people doubted the success of Rainbow Six Extraction, this Ubisoft co-op first-person shooter game will be a difficult task to get players’ attention when it launches later this month. However, at least as far as the technical aspects of Rainbow Six Extraction are concerned, the PC version of the game looks good.

Nvidia recently released a new trailer for Rainbow Six Extraction to show what game support for DLSS technology means and what improvements it will bring. It seems that Rainbow Six Extraction, thanks to DLSS, can almost double the frame rate when using retry in 4K resolution. In the latest gameplay trailer, the maximum frame rate of the game reaches more than 160, which is much more than when DLSS technology is disabled. You can watch the new gameplay trailer of Rainbow Six Extraction in the following.

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In Rainbow Six Extraction, the world is attacked by an alien parasite called Archaeans. Members of the .REACT team must step into, eliminate, and control threats by accepting potential threats to hostile alien activity centers. Each stage of the game consists of three areas with three random targets, from rescuing the hostages to defending a specific area, the completion of which will begin the extraction. Of course, if you do not have a problem with increasing the difficulty level, you can enter another sub-area and get better rewards. In Rainbow Six Extraction, you can choose from 18 different operators, each of which will have its own capabilities.

Rainbow Six Extraction game available on January 30 (January 20) for users of Xbox One, Xbox X series platforms | Xbox S Series, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PC and Google Studio. This game will be launched with a price tag of $ 40. Each version of Rainbow Six Extraction has a Buddy Pass to invite two other friends who can play with you for free for 14 days. Rainbow Six Extraction will be available on the Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass shared services from the day of release.

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