Denial of the news of the director’s version of Eternals


Today, news of the release of the director’s version of Eternals was released along with the crystal version of the film, and now these rumors have been officially denied.

Eternals will be available to Disney Plus users on Wednesday next week, but today it was announced that the director and longer version of Eternals will be released along with the Blu-ray version of the film. Now in the latest Movie and TV news, These rumors have been officially denied. The rumor was leaked based on the recorded time of the home version of Eternals by the British Film Age rating board, which is set to be 174 minutes, sparking speculation.

Now, the official BBFC Twitter account in response to the news said that this period has nothing to do with the director’s version of Eternals, and to clarify, it said that this period includes audio interpretation of the film, behind-the-scenes videos of Eternals and more, and Director’s Cut news. These movies are not true of Marvel’s cinematic world. Of course, one can expect the deleted scenes from Eternals to be part of this extra content, and it can be expected that the extra content of this movie will be like other Marvel movies.

Chloe Zhao and Richard Madden behind the scenes of Eternals

Eternals hit theaters in November of this year, and Marvel’s latest film failed to attract critical acclaim, earning the lowest ratings of a film in the series. Despite receiving mediocre reviews, Eternals performed relatively well at the box office, grossing more than $ 401.6 million worldwide, including more than $ 164.7 million in the United States and more than $ 236.9 million. It happens in other countries of the world.

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Richard Madon In the role of Icarus, Angelina Jolie In the role of Tina, جما چان In the role of Cersei, Kamil Nanjiani In the role of Kingo, Selma Hayek In the role of Ajk, Lauren Ridloff In the role of Macri, Brian Tire Art In the role of Faustus, Leah McHugh In the role of Sprite, دان لی In the role of Gilgamesh, Barry Kyogen In the role of Drewig, Kate Harrington In the role of Dean Whitman (Black Knight) and Harry Styles In the role of Eros, they are among the actors who have appeared in the movie Eternals and have played roles. Chloe Zhao Best known for directing The Rider and Nomadland, he has directed and written the screenplay for Eternals.

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