Details of different tribes in the new trailer of Horizon Forbidden West


Gorilla Game Studio released a trailer for Horizon Forbidden West depicting various tribes around the world.

Horizon Forbidden West game will be released on February 18 (February 29) on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 to accompany gamers الوی Take it to the forbidden West. Now the creators of the new trailer have released it so that the gamer can get to know the different tribes in the world of Horizon Forbidden West more than before. Among them, several tribes are familiar to gamers of Horizon Zero Dawn, and several tribes are introduced to you and me for the first time in this game.

From the border towns of the Carja and Oseram tribes to the burned areas under the control of the Utaru tribe, different manifestations of their presence in the game world are shown to the gamer in this trailer. When you enter the lands of the Tenakth tribes with Alvi and you always see people ready for battle, you are communicating all the details that the builders wanted. Gorilla Studios says that in the world of Horizon Forbidden West, many friends and foes are waiting for us.

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The people of each region have their own culture and cover. They do not necessarily share all their secrets with Alvi. For this reason, if you want to fully understand the game world, Gorilla Games will ask you to explore different parts of it; To find the secrets one after another.

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