Details of the night sky and cars in the long display of Gran Turismo 7 gameplay

Sony’s interactive entertainment division in the new State of Play, which focused entirely on Gran Turismo 7, delivered exciting information about this exclusive racing game to fans.

On March 4, Japanese gaming studio Polyphony Digital will finally present Gran Turismo 7 to PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 gamers. Now, thanks to Sony’s new State of Play player focusing on it, the latest game news has reached fans.

The creators have confirmed that Gran Turismo 7 support for retrying will bring its graphic effects to a very high level; So that the inside and outside of the cars are beautifully placed in front of the eyes of the audience.

Download video from Aparat | Watch in 4K resolution on the PlayStation YouTube channel

According to Yamauchi, Gran Turismo 7 is fun for everyone; From old-fashioned fans to newcomers to the GT7

Herman Holst“I know fans of the Gran Turismo game series have been waiting to see what Polyphony Digital Studios will be able to do on the PS5 console,” the head of Sony’s First-Party Studios wrote on the PlayStation Blog. I think they are [پس از تجربه‌ی اثر] They will be satisfied with the result. As you would expect, the game is beautiful.

I was really impressed with Polyphony Digital Studio’s use of the dualense category. We all know that Kazunuri Yamauchi (Creator of the Gran Turismo game series) How interested he is in recreating the real driving experience for players. “Dualense has a flawless performance in this area.”

Gran Turismo 7 not only has more than 400 cars and 97 race tracks since its release, but also the number of tracks and cars increases over time. An interesting thing about Gran Turismo 7 is that some of the top car designers are in the game and explain the identity of the car they created. Yamauchi wants the audience to get acquainted with the culture and history of cars in a natural way, in the experience of Gran Turismo 7.

Night sky in the game Gran Turismo 7

(Night Sky in Gran Turismo 7)

In the Custom Race section, you can go to personalization items such as weather conditions and artificial intelligence performance to create attractive races for yourself. The game includes different and exciting competitions. Yamauchi also explained that the training sections enable novice players to acquire driving skills in Gran Turismo 7.

The GT7 supports Split Screen for offline gaming of two gamers, friendly online competitions and, of course, professional competitions between players located in different parts of the world. It might be interesting to know that Polyphony Digital Studios has completely simulated the process of cloud formation in the sky so that the skies of different regions have a real effect in GT7. The creators of the night sky, stars and moon with the help of NASA (NASA) data have paid similar attention. The simulation is done with such precision that the weather conditions affect the color effect of the stars. The position of planets and stars in the sky is determined based on real information provided by NASA.

Official screenshot of Sony Gran Turismo 7

On a long track, like a real race, you may see rain on one side and sunshine on the other. Realism has always been important to Yamauchi’s Kazunori, and he seems to be getting closer than ever to providing an accurate simulator. Wind, race track level and section by section of the car’s technical adjustment affect the player’s driving with accurate simulations. This new PS Studios work is now about a month away from release on the PS4 and PS5 consoles.

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