Details of the ninth generation versions of Apex Legends will be released in the near future


Respona says information on the PlayStation 5, Xbox X Series and Xbox S Series Apex Legends will be announced soon.

EA announced last year, at the launch of its ninth-generation consoles, that Respawn Entertainment was working on a special edition of Apex Legends for the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Xbox S Series, and would release it in 2021; This did not happen last year. Although Respona has insisted that it is still working on a ninth-generation version of Apex Legends, it has not released much information yet. But now they are going to share the details of the mentioned version with the fans soon.

During a show to introduce Mad Maggie, the latest Apex Legends game, Rispaun said that news about the PlayStation 5 and Xbox X / S series versions of the Battle Royale game will be announced “coming soon.” Although they did not provide further details, they noted that the 9th generation versions will contain “a number of new features.” Also recently, the PS5 version of Apex Legends was seen on PlayStation network backend servers, which could mean that a new generation version is imminent.

Season 12 of the Apex Legends game called Defiance will start in a few days, on February 8, and as mentioned above, it will add a new Mad Maggie character to the game. In addition, the mobile version of this first-person shooter game called Apex Legends Mobile will be released in a limited time in the near future. Apex Legends is currently available on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC platforms.

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