Developer Battlefield 2042: Some game issues have been addressed


The design director of Ripple Effect Studio, the creator of the Battlefield 2042 portal, admits that the creators had to fix some of the game’s problems sooner.

Until recently, some Battlefield 2042 players were somehow abusing the game’s XP receiving system by so-called XP in the wrists; This means that they used to accumulate a lot of XP points by using unusual methods.

For example, one of these methods was to fly a drone over an area full of enemies and receive a large amount of XP by identifying a large number of people and equipment of the opposing team. DICE and Ripple Effect slowed down and slowed down the progress of Battlefield 2042 XP to address this issue; An action that not only did not satisfy the gamers, but also disappointed them even more than the game experience.

Now it seems that Ripple Effect Studio, the creator of the Portal section of Battlefield 2042, believes that some aspects of this multiplayer shooter game still need to be changed or improved. Justin Webb, Ripple Effect’s chief design officer, tweeted that the concerns raised by the players were reasonable, and that addressing XP issues and the Tier 1 system had been too long.

Webb also answered some of the players’ questions on Twitter. For example, a user asked him if the manual wrist setting would be added to Rush mode or other Battlefield 2042 object-oriented modes? Webb replied that they are currently deciding to include this feature in the game. It is worth mentioning that Battlefield 2042 received its third major and important update in mid-December last year, which solved many problems and bugs. Also, the new Exposure map is to be added to the game soon.

What do you think about the current state of Battlefield 2042 and the professionalism of the Ripple Effect design director? If you want to share your comments with us.

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