Developer Sonic Frontiers: This game takes the Sonic series to a new level


Team Sonic’s creative director says they are working to make Sonic Frontiers an open world experience different from the Sonic collection.

Sega unveiled the Sonic Frontiers game in its entirety during the latest Game Awards ceremony; A work that wants to combine Sonic platforming gameplay with the atmosphere of the open world and offer a different version of this old game series to the fans. It seems that many Sonic fans are satisfied with the path that Sega has chosen for the new game of the series. Team Sonic Studios has also announced its ambitious plans for Sonic Frontiers.

Takashi Izoka, Sonic’s studio’s creative director, recently gave an interview to Games Radar website, in which he talks about things he said similarly earlier this summer. He says they are working hard to build an innovative game with new features. “We have challenged ourselves to build Sonic Frontiers so that we can deliver a sonic with a whole new atmosphere of action-adventure style to the players,” explains Izoka. “We are once again set to expand the Sonic world and create a different open world experience by designing new environments and features.”

A view of the Sonic Frontiers game environment

“We’re focused on taking Sonic Frontiers to the next level with Sonic Frontiers,” he says. While we want the new Sonic look and character to be exciting, we need to make sure he is the character that fans are familiar with and love. We pay attention to designing all the details of Sonic correctly so that, for example, different aspects of his personality, such as his famous speed in running, can be seen in all versions of the same set. At Sonic Frontiers, we have introduced a new fighting style that uses Sonic agility on the battlefield. “Also, the ways of navigating the environment in the game are designed to match the lively and fast-paced nature of this character.”

Sonic Frontiers will be released in the final quarter of 2022 for the PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox X Series, Xbox S Series, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC platforms.

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