Development of a co-op fantasy action game by Godfall


A recent job advertisement for Counterplay Games, the creator of Godfall, shows that they are working on an unannounced action-fantasy shooter.

In the latest game news, we learned that Counterplay Games Studio has started working on its next game. Counterplay Games’s Godfall studio action game was made available to players in late 2020. Although the glamorous visual effects of this Luther Slacher game caught the attention of some people on the eve of release, it did not take long for gamers to become aware of its many problems. However, if you see potential in Godfall and its creator, you are probably curious to know what Counterplay Games will develop in the future.

A new job posting for Counterplay Games Studio has been released for the producer, which shows that the developer is working on an “unannounced participatory action fantasy shooter game”. This job opportunity does not provide much information about the game being developed by Counterplay Games Studio. Since this ad refers to “an AAA game with a dynamic mechanism”, we will probably be on the side of a live-service effect.

Of course, it will probably take some time to see exactly what effect we will be dealing with. However, it remains to be seen what lessons Counterplay Games Studio has learned from Godfall and how it will use them in its next game. Godfall: Challenger Edition was made available to PlayStation Plus users and the Epic Games store in December 2021 for free. This version does not include the story content of the main game and the Fire & Darkness expansion pack, and only allows players to experience three Endgame modes.

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