Directed the first episode of Fallout by the creator of Westworld


The Fallout series is under construction for the Amazon network, and it has just been announced when the production, showers and director of the first part of the series will start.

It was reported last July that Amazon was working with Bethesda The live-action series is based on the Fallout game series Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joey, The creators and creators of the Westworld series are present as producers on this project. Now in the latest Movie and TV newsThe production time, the showers and the director of the first part of the Fall Out series have been determined. According to the news published by Deadline, Jonathan NolanThe creator of the West World series is set to direct the pilot or experimental part of the Fallout series. Production of this series will also begin during 2022.

Jonathan Nolan

Furthermore, Genoa Robertson-Dwight, Co-writer of Captain Marvel and Tomb Raider Graham Wegner, Author of The Office series, Portlandia series, Baskets series and Silicon Valley series will appear as a freelancer in Fallout series. No information is currently available on the Fallout story or cast, but rumors have it that the casting process may begin soon. also Todd Howard, The director of the Fallout game series as an executive producer along with Joey and Nolan are present in the game series.

In addition, there is currently no indication that Fallout is a direct adaptation of one of the game’s versions, but now the creators of the series are speaking in a harsh tone with sarcastic humorous moments and a fantasy core fantasy. The Fallout series is also set to see the harsh and desert world of Westland, which is the opposite of the utopias of the previous generation of humans, who lived in a better world through nuclear energy and are now in ruins.

The Fallout game series was first introduced in 1997, when Interplay Entertainment was in charge of making the game. Bethesda then bought the rights to the Fallout game series and released Fallout 3 in 2008, which was a huge success. The sequel to Fallout New Vegas was released by Obsidian Entertainment, and in the previous generation we also saw the release of Fallout 4 and the sequel to Fallout 76, which is an online spin-off of the series.

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