Director Valorant left the game development team


Game director Valorant leaves the game development team to work on a new project. His collaboration with Riot Games Studio will not be cut off.

Joe Ziegler, The director of Valorant at Riot Games, has left the game development team and is working on a new project. Ziegler announced his separation in a post on the Riot Games website after eight years of working on this popular competitive shooter game. He worked on the game seven years before its release and one year after its official release.

In this post, he thanked his fans and colleagues: “After eight years of working on Valorant and building it from scratch with a team of committed and passionate developers who work tirelessly to serve all of you with the respect and admiration you deserve. Yes, I am stepping down as the director of the game. I give the position of directing the game to my good friend Andy Ho“Senior director of game directing at Riot Misparm.”

Although Ziegler will remain with Wright Games, it is unclear what he will do next. As you know, Riot Games Studio has many projects on the way, many of which we do not yet know about. But in any case, a change in the leadership of the production team can be an interesting improvement for some games; Especially a work like Valorant, which has been a year since its official release. The meaning of this change for the game itself is not yet clear and we will see what happens in the future.

Riot Games Studio’s name has appeared in the news many times recently; Especially after the resolution of the sex discrimination complaint against him. The studio’s games are still very popular, and even the studio’s entry into the animation industry has met with positive reviews. Arkin animated series was able to attract the attention of many audiences. As a result, with all its successes, Riot is now a growing company. Valorant is now available for PC.

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