Discord on the verge of compatibility with PlayStation Network


Sony invested in Discord months ago, and now there seems to be little time left to fully coordinate the PlayStation Network and the platform.

A few hours ago, a post was published on the official Discord reddit page showing the Sony PSN logo on the Discord. This icon in the section Connections software is located on the Discord software, and apparently the user can finally connect their Discord account and PlayStation Network account with it. Formally in the past Jim Ryan, CEO and head of Sony Interactive Entertainment, announced that Discord will be available for PlayStation gamers in the first half of 2022.

The person who published the photo based on the Discord update system explained that once he was able to see the icon, it must be admitted that the add-on update to Discord was almost ready. So at any time, it is possible for this update to arrive suddenly and create coordination between PlayStation Network and Discord. A new MP1st media report explains that after synchronizing between Discord and PSN, you can always indicate in your Discord account which game you are playing on the PlayStation.

We’ll have to wait until the official launch of the capabilities to see how well the communication platform is compatible with PSN, in addition to the level of connectivity between Discord and Xbox. For example, can we soon download and run Discord software on the PS5 console to easily have voice and text communication with all people who use Discord on a computer or mobile phone?

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