Display graphic options for the PC version of Monster Hunter Rise


Various illustration modes, such as the classic black and white cinematic mode, are displayed in the Monster Hunter Rise game release trailer.

As the release date of the PC version of Monster Hunter Rise approaches, we are now witnessing the release of the trailer for the release of this work. In the game release time trailer, components such as graphical enhancements, frame rate improvements, and visual detail enhancements (quality textures) are displayed.

The main focus of the trailer, however, is to display various image filters that the gamer can adjust to their liking. For example, the player can set the game to a black and white filter (in the style of classic movies) and advance the game. These graphical modes, especially by making a series of changes in the audio and video filters, offer a new experience of the game; Similar to Kurosawa mode in Ghost of Sushima.

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Monster Hunter Rise will be released on January 12th. Support for 4K resolution, along with features such as game optimization for Ultra Wide monitors, high-resolution textures along with all the updates and expansion packs released to date for the effect, are all items that Monster Hunter Rises is set to offer to PC platform gamers. . This game was reviewed in Zomji and received a score of 9. In the Monster Hunter Rise game review summary, we read:

“Monster Hunter Rise is not only overshadowed by Monster Hunter World, but also used it to provide users with new mechanisms that can further advance the Monster Hunter series. The presence of the Wirebugs feature along with the various weapons in the game has caused us to see a completely diverse combat system and the user can go to the weapons according to the way he plays. On the other hand, in some parts, the quality of the game textures is reduced when the console is connected to the TV. “The design of the environments and their variety along with the war costumes is one of the positive features that Monster Hunter Rise provides to the audience.”

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