Don’t Look Up is likely to become the most watched movie in Netflix history


Don’t Look Up, written and directed by Adam McKee, reached the third place in the list of “Most Viewed Netflix Movies” four days ago.

Netflix announced that the movie Don’t Look Up was watched more than 263 million hours during the first 10 days of its broadcast on this online network (from December 24 to January 2). According to these official statistics, the latest construction Adam McKee It currently tops the list of “Most Viewed Netflix Movies”, including Enola Holmes, Spenser Confidential, Six Underground, The Unforgivable, The Kissing Booth 2, The Irishman, and Extraction.

The black comedy-drama came in third on Netflix’s list of most-watched movies, followed by Bird Box (approximately 282 million hours in its first 28 days) and Red Notice (approximately 364 million hours in 28 days). Prime Player) has been acquired. Don’t Look Up saw about 111 million views from December 24 to December 26, and from December 27 to January 2, it was able to see about 152 million hours by users. So, although it has reached more than 263 million hours, it definitely has a chance to increase this number.

It is clear that the final statistics of the number of movies “Don’t Look Up” during the first four weeks of broadcasting on Netflix will be determined on January 20 (January 30). As a result, this work is designed Rob Morgan، Tyler Perry، Jennifer Lawrence، Leonardo Di Caprio، Cate Blanchett، Jonah Hill، Mark Rylance، Timothy Shalami، Ron Perlman، Ariana Grande، هیمش پاتل And Meryl Streep It has a chance to get the second or even the first place in the table.

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