Double pressure on the Alden Ring production team due to the high quality of Demon’s Souls remake


Elden Ring director Hidtaka Miyazaki says Alden Ring’s graphic development team has come under pressure because of the high visual effects of the Dimens Souls remake.

The remake of Demon’s Souls was one of the most critically acclaimed games of 2020, and was particularly acclaimed for its quality visuals; Many believe that Dimmons Souls has set the graphics standard for ninth-generation consoles. In this regard, Hidtaka Miyazaki He recently gave an interview to Edge Magazine in which he says that the high graphics quality of the Demon’s Souls remake has impressed the Elden Ring game development team.

We know that Miyazaki is the creator of the Dimens Souls. But a remake of the action-role-playing game was made at Bluepoint Games Studios and released by Sony for the PlayStation 5, and Miyazaki played little role in the process. Edge’s interviewer asks Miyazaki whether the Demon’s Souls remake graphics put extra pressure on the Elden Ring production team at FromSoftware Studios. In response, Miyazaki said he had not personally experienced the Dimes Souls remake, but “I’m sure Alden Ring’s graphic development team felt the pressure more than any other team.”

Demon's Souls hero looks at two one-way entrances in the distance

“This pressure is not limited to the Old Ring and it affects all the games we make,” he explains. High quality graphics are not a priority for us. In fact, we determine the graphical aspects of a game based on the needs of that game and the systems used in it, and the quality of visual effects is less important to us than the quality of other parts of the game.

I have to make a small apology to the members of the FramSoft graphic team (for not paying much attention to this section), because I know they [برای توسعه‌ی گرافیک بازی‌های استودیو] They work very hard. They have also put a lot of effort into playing Alden Ring. “Our team of graphic designers and programmers have been working to add new graphical features to Alden Ring during this time so that they can create the most beautiful Framesoft game in terms of visual effects.”

Battle with a big sword against a huge shield in the game of Alden Ring

Miyazaki then explains that this is why he did not go for the Demon’s Souls remix experience on the PlayStation 5, as he does not like to play games he made again. “As you mentioned (to the interviewer), I was not directly involved in making the Dimens Souls remake, and in fact I did not even play it,” he says. But the reason is that I am not very interested in experiencing games that I have made in the past.

[چون اگر چنین کاری بکنم] All the old memories and feelings suddenly come to life for me and then these feelings affect me so much that I no longer feel like I am playing. For this reason, I have not played the Dimensions Souls remake, but I am glad to see a nicer version of it released on the new generation consoles. “Dimens Souls is an old game, and I am definitely pleased to see it rebuilt in this way and be able to attract new players.”

Monster Fighting gameplay in the remake of Demon's Souls

“The original version of Dimmons Souls was not a flawless game, and it went through a challenging build process,” Miyazaki said. At the time, I was worried that new gamers might not interact with the game and enjoy the experience as much as other games. When playing [در قالب نسخه‌ی ریمیک] Released again, again this was my concern. Finally, I was very happy to see the positive reaction of the players and that they are enjoying the game experience.

One thing that was interesting to me was that BluePoint Games added things to the game that we had not thought of at the time. They used a method that we could not or did not want to use when shaping some of the graphic elements and gameplay mechanics. What has been interesting and pleasing to me is that BluePoint has done some research on this [برای ساخت ریمیک Demon’s Souls]”It used new techniques and processes.”

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