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How to Download and Install macOS Catalina 10.15 Final

MacOS  Catalina 10.15 final version is available that mac user can finally download and install it on their system and this version of MacOS operating system is also known as MacOS 10.15. However, this final version of mac operating system has many significant features for mac user. Last month Apple has released Beta version like Beta 1 and Beta Public which was for testing so, you may have experience on it

Hereby, this version of mac operating system which called Catalina is the best operating system of the era in history of Apple company till now that has amazing features Performance, themes and many more. One thing more, this version of mac is a heavy so it need to a compatible PC or MacBook to be installed. those who has installed the beta version of MacOS Catalina 10.15 on their system. they just need to update their operating system because this version is final and available to be updated on your mac. 

Some Features of macOS Catalina 10.15 Final

  1. Premiering Apple TV on macoS 10.15 Catalina Beta
  2. Update on Photos
  3. Apple Music, Podcasts and TV are available on macOS 10.15 Catalina Beta
  4. Improvement of Notes on macOS
  5. Take usages of Apple Pencil
  6. Screen Time
  7. Fine me
  8. High Security and Privacy
  9. Voice access to all Devices
  10. Connect to Monitors and iPads
  11. Updates on Reminders and Safari
  12. Connectable Apple watch to macOS
  13. Communication Limits
  14. iPad Apps on macOS 10.15 Catalina Beta

macos catalina 10.15 final

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Check Your Device is Compatible with Macos Catalina 10.15

Furthermore, if you have installed macOS Mojave 10.14 on Mac or MacBook you just need to update your mac to Catalina 10.15 on your mac or MacBook so it easy to download and install it. Some of you may not has the latest version or Mac or MacBook so don’t worry Apple has released the list of Compatible Devices that you can install Catalina 10.15 on your devices so check out the list below

  • Mac Pro 2013 and Later
  • iMac pro 2017
  • 12- inch MacBook 2015 and later
  • MacBook Air 2012 and later
  • MacBook Pro 2012 and later
  • Mac mini 2012 and later
  • iMac 2012 and later

Keep Backup your Data or File Before Installation 

To update or install MacOS Catalina 10.15 on your mac or macbook so you need to keep a backup or your data to external drive or a cloud storage service because when you go for Catalina 10.15 you may lose all your data during the installing which cause an error or unable to install the new version of the mac operating system. On that time you need to direct off your mac or MacBook so you will lose anything you have in your device that why you need to keep a backup or files or data before installation 

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Download MacOS Catalina 10.1 From App Store

in addition, MacOS Catalina 10.15 it the best version in Apple operating system ever. this has a good new features performance include Apple music, Safari, Library, Personalisation, Turning your iPad as a second screen with MacOS Catalina and the best feature in MacOS Catalina is Sidecar, that is awesome and amazing which you can use it in this mac. However, you can download this version of mac direct from App store or MacOS Catalina 10.15 Page directly. you can get it for free

  1. Tap on App Store or search it on google to find out the Apple page for downloading MacOS Catalina 10.15 
  2. when you enter in App Store go to search box then Search for MacOS Catalina 
  3. After you find it, Click on update or install ( if you have Beta version of the MacOS Catalina the option will be upgrade or it is your first time then, Click on install button) then wait till the installation process will be completed 
  4. Before you want to install it, check out your device is compatible with MacOS Catalina or not 


MacOS Catalina is finally out and has been released by Apply company. This version of Mac is awesome which has many good and amazing features. IF you are Mac user you have to upgrade your operating system because this version of mac is unique in history of Apple company.

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