Dr. Strange’s fight with Mysterio in the unused image of Spider-Man 3


A new and unused concept art from Spider-Man: No Way Home has been released, in which we see Dr. Strange fight with Mysterio.

The very successful sale of Spider-Man: No Way Home continues, and the high-quality version of Marvel’s new movie will be released on February 28th. Now in the latest Movie and TV news, A conceptual and unused image of Spider-Man 3 has been released. In this interesting concept art, we see Dr. Strange fight with Mistro against the Freedom Tower. This shows that at some point Mysterio’s character was supposed to be in Spider-Man: No Way Home, and you can see this image below:

Dr. Strange's fight with Mysterio in Unused Concept Art in Spider-Man: No Way Home

As you probably know, Spider-Man: No Way Home featured five villains, including Dr. Octopus, Green Goblin, Electro, Sandman, and Lizard, and Spider-Man was likely to appear in Spider-Man 3 with the group. Face Sinister Six. Of course, the Evil Six was one of the initial plans of the production team for Spider-Man 3, but eventually the idea was abandoned, which Marvel Studio may pursue in the future.

At the end of Spider-Man: Far from Home, we see that Mysterio, played by Jake Gyllenhaal, is apparently killed, but some believe that he may somehow be alive, and that the scene of his death is fake. In any case, Mysterio’s return seemed perfectly logical given the logic of Spider-Man: No Way Home, and we even saw fans of the character in the film. Spider-Man 3 has grossed over $ 61.93 million to date, including about $ 723 million in North America and $ 1,970 million worldwide. The new Spider-Man is currently the fourth best-selling film in the history of American cinema and the sixth best-selling film in the history of cinema.

Tom Holland، Benedict Cumberbatch, Zandia, Alfred Molina, Willem Dafoe, Jimmy Foxx, Thomas Hayden Church, Reese Witherspoon, Jacob Batalon، مریسا تومی، جی. کی. Simmons, John Favreau, J. Bismuth, Grape Rice And Tony Revolver, Are among the actors who have appeared in the movie Spider-Man: No Way Home and have played roles. Like the last two parts, cAnn Watts The task of directing and Chris McCona and Eric Summers They wrote the script for Spider-Man 3.

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