Dying Light 2 chief designer dissatisfied with Xbox Series S graphics processor


The chief designer of Dying Light 2: Stay Human announced on Twitter that the Xbox S-Series hardware, and in fact the console’s graphics processor, is in the hands of the makers.

Recently and during the latest game news, Timon Samktala (Tymon Smektala), the chief designer of Dying Light 2: Stay Human, spoke about the impact of the Xbox S S GPU power limit on the game. Following the reaction of the audience to the game Dying Light 2 running on the Xbox S Series console at 30 frames per second (while the game runs on the Xbox X Series at 60 frames per second and 4K resolution), he announced that the graphics processing unit (GPU) The hardware of Microsoft’s Xbox Series S console has limited game development. He says:

“We are currently working on a solution to the problems of the co-op sector. Demand for Co-op Diving Lite 2 Experience This problem was so great that it disrupted the servers of Sony, Microsoft and Epic Games. This issue is included in the first update along with game improvements to prevent Motion Sickness (a specific anomaly that occurs during the experience of first-person games and due to the rapid movement of the camera for some people).

Things like FOV and Motion Blur improvements are planned for the next update. We will look at the conditions for running Dying Light 2 at a frame rate of 30 on the Xbox S Series. “But the GPU of this console is tied to the team.”

Game Diving Light 2

Techland Studios, which with its long-term support for the first part of Diving Light was able to introduce itself as a team committed to supporting its products, is now working hard to correct the reported technical problems of Diving Light 2, such as the need for more PC optimization. And the technical defects of the coop section are completely eliminated. Dying Light 2 Stay Human on Steam reached 274,983 simultaneous players so that Techland could show off its power to rivals.

Dying Light 2: Stay Human is now available for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox X Series, Xbox S Series, Xbox One and PC. Nintendo Switch owners will be able to experience the game via the cloud service on their console in a few months.

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