E3 2022 will not be held in person


The Software Entertainment Association (ESA) has officially confirmed that in 2022 we will not see an E3 presence at all.

Contrary to previous promises, and in view of the resurgence of the pandemic, ESA, as the organizer of Ethereum, said in a statement that this year we will not see it return in the form of a face-to-face event. Unfortunately, the Amicron Covid 19 version is now being passed on to people around the world, and the Software Entertainment Association has decided not to attend E3.

In 2019, we witnessed the presence of E3 2019. Then in 2020 we saw that E3 was completely canceled and in 2021 we had a completely online ethereal. ESA said in an official statement: “E3 will not be held in person in 2022, given the risks to public health due to Covid 19 and the potential impact it could have on exhibitors and attendees. “We are very excited about the future of E3 and look forward to announcing more details in the near future.”

IGN media recently claimed in an exclusive report that the online launch of E3 2022 has not been decided yet. In fact, some are currently skeptical about whether we will see E3 2022 at all this year. But in any case, if this event is held, it will be completely online and in absentia.

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