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Earn money with ClipClaps App

Earn money with ClipClaps App. Clipclaps is the best-earning app for any time to earn money. By playing games, watching videos, and uploading links to your favorite videos. You can earn in different ways like invite your friends. completing the task and it has many more functions. in this app, you should earn coins and then exchange coins for US dollars. Then You can withdraw your money in many different ways like PayPal, Easypaisa, Jazz cash, Bank transfer, recharge your mobile balance, etc. this app is completely free you don’t need to pay for it. Just download it and start earning money without any investment. You can download it from the link which has given below here.

1: How to create a ClipClaps account?

It is so simple you can sign in with your Facebook account and Gmail account. Then upload your profile picture, choose your gender and write your nickname. Next, select the content you are interested in. you can select more than 5 contents.

Earn money with ClipClaps App
Create ClipClaps Account

2: How to use Clipclaps app?

There are many options on the home pages. like watching videos, discovering, rewards, and profile. In your profile, you have many options like uploading videos and receiving claps, following, and followers that you have. Your account has a level of how many tasks you complete it your level goes high and you will receive more rewards and you earn more coins.

Earn money with ClipClaps App
Home Page

3:How to earn quickly?

Click the rewards option. it is the easiest and fastest way for earning coins.

Here you can enter the redeem code which you will get 1 dollar for every new user.

Earn money with ClipClaps App
Invite Friends

Here you can collect everyday different types of rewards.

Earn money with ClipClaps App
Collect Rewards

It has many more options like Spin, Free Coins, Bounty Research, Bounty Task, BitLabs, and Raffle.

It has two types of spinning. The first one is Mega Spin and it gives you a once-a-week can earn 5 dollars from each spin. second simple spin that every five hours give you one spin. In this, you can earn 1 dollar each spin.

Earn money with ClipClaps App
Spin bonus

Here you can collect clapcoins by playing games and watching videos.

Watching Video and Games
Watching Video and Games

4: How to exchange Clapcoins for US dollars?

Click the exchange option and then select your Clapcoins and how many you will exchange and press the exchange button.

Exchange Coins
Exchange Coins

5:How to use the Wallet option?

press the coin and open your wallet.

In your wallet, you have 3 options. which is used in different ways.

1:Clapcoins 2: Cash 3:Diamond

1: Clapcoins, where you can exchange your coins, show your coins and the rate of your coins you want to convert to US dollar. it has one more usage which is called Financial Plan. where you buy more and get more profit from it. it has four options.

a: Vanguard Fund, which is used to buy 5000 coins maximum and after 24 hours you will get 5500 coins.

b: Silverstone Fund, where you buy 4000 coins and after 7 days you will get 6000 coins.

c: Goldstone Fund, where you buy 6000 coins and after 14 days you will receive 10800 coins.

d: BlackCresent Fund, it is used for buying 6000 coins and after 30 days you will receive 15000 coins that is called financial plan where you can use it for more profits.

Wallet Clapcoins
Wallet Clapcoins

2: Cash, it shows your cash balance and from where you can withdraw your money.

Wallet Coins
Wallet Coins

3: Diamond, it is called diamond balance also and to be used in PickFans, Purchasing steaming gifts, and other settings.

Note: By becoming a house owner, through using PickFans to earn real rewards. You will get a large number of audiences and traffic, by uploading your favorite content, you can earn yourself tons of real rewards.

Wallet Diamond
Wallet Diamond

6: How to withdraw your money?

First of all, go to the home page and click on clapcoins on the top left side of the page.

Select cash and you have your wallet from where you can withdraw your money. it has two options 1: PayPal from which you can withdraw from $0.10 to $50 dollar per day.

2: other which has six more options that you can withdraw from it.Mobile Recharge, Bank transfer, Easypaisa, Gift Card, Jazz Cash, and Prepaid Diamond.

Withdraw Money
Withdraw Money

Earn money with ClipClaps App you watch the video to know better how to use it. Earning money with ClipClaps App is the easiest way to earn without investing.

In bellow there is a link for download the clipclaps app.

Download link: Free Download ClipClaps apk

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