Elden Ring takes about 30 hours to complete


Fram Software announced that it will take about 30 hours to complete the Elden Ring action game.

According to the latest game news, Fram Software has confirmed that the Elden Ring game can be completed in approximately 30 hours. Yasuhiro Kitawa, Elden Ring producer was asked during a video interview at Taipei Game Show 2022 about the time required to finish the game and replied: “This time varies depending on each player; However, given the development goals set, it is believed that the completion of the main line should take about 30 hours. This game is very large overall and includes 10 hours more gameplay; “But if it is just the main course of the game, it should not take longer than that.”

As in previous Fram Software games, players in Elden Ring will be able to transfer their progress from one round of the game to another and face more challenges. “Although the world of the Alden Ring is vast, the game is designed to be complete without the need to experience everything,” said Yasuhiro Quito. Some players prefer to explore the whole map from the beginning; “Others leave areas for exploration in the second round or subsequent cycles.”

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In addition, Yasuhiro Kitao stated that it is basically impossible to experience all of the contents of the Elden Ring in one round of the game: “But you can certainly get very close to it.” Elden Ring game finally available for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox X series platform users on February 25 (March 6) after a month of delay | Xbox S Series, Xbox One and PC. Earlier this month, an incomplete version of Alden Ring’s character creation was leaked and we saw videos of it.

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