Electronic Arts has no plans to add NFT to its games at this time


Andrew Wilson says EA is currently reluctant to focus on adding NFTs to its games; However, they may use it later.

Andrew Wilson, The CEO of Electronic Arts, recently spoke at the company’s latest financial reporting session and said that they do not want to focus on adding NFT to their games at the moment. Wilson admits that many companies in the gaming industry are now turning to NFTs. However, he believes that the current turmoil in gaming companies to invest in NFTs is like the days when, for example, technologies such as augmented reality, virtual reality or 3D became popular and everyone wanted to use them to make games.

NFT, or Interchangeable Token, is a unique digital asset that cannot be converted to other cryptocurrencies. NFT is stored on a blockchain (a kind of decentralized database) and can take many forms; From a digital drawing or recorded sound to in-app items in video games. Many people are now interested in buying and collecting NFTs. “I think there are four important factors that determine whether content (or an item) is worth buying and collecting: the quality, the scarcity, the authenticity, and the value that the item has to some people,” Wilson explains. has it.

We see that this happens both in the real world and in the virtual world, and even in recent years such things have happened in our games. I believe that valuable items that can be collected will continue to be an important element in the video game industry and the games we offer to fans. It remains to be seen whether NFTs will fall into the category of assets worth buying and accumulating. We look at it from the perspective that we can provide the best possible experience to the gamer. Using NFT is a decision that we will consider over time. “But at the moment it is not something we are too eager to enter.”

Game controller next to the NFT logo

“NFTs and the Play to Earn system are very new ideas, and I believe they will form an important part of the future of the gaming industry,” Wilson said at a previous meeting last fall. As mentioned, large gaming companies such as Ubisoft and Konami have been selling digital NFT game items to players for some time. It also seems that more and more companies are expressing their desire to enter this field; One of these newest companies is Square Enix. However, a large portion of gamers and others alike strongly criticize this approach by gamers.

Team17, the creator of the Worms game series, also recently announced plans to enter the NFT space. The studio, however, was forced to back down after facing strong criticism from fans and business partners. Of course, there are still companies like Ubisoft that resist the flood of criticism, and even their executives say, “Gamers still do not understand what NFTs do for them.”

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