Emilia Clarke and Samuel L. Jackson in the first images of Marvel Secret Invasion


Recently the first behind-the-scenes footage was filmed The Secret Invasion series has been revealed and released, in which we see interesting information.

Stages of filming and production The Secret Invasion series is currently airing in the UK Now In the latest Movie and TV news, The first behind-the-scenes footage of the Secret Attack series has been revealed. The filming of the latest Marvel movie series is currently underway in Leeds, with the first set of images finally appearing Emilia Clarke Are. Unfortunately, these pictures do not specify what role Clark plays, but they do provide an overview of him in Secret Invasion and Marvel’s cinematic world:

Emilia Clarke is doing makeup behind the scenes of Secret Invasion

Also returned in another part of the control images Samuel L. Jackson, We play the role of Nick Fury, who no longer has his famous blindfold on his face and is supposed to appear in the Secret Invasion series with a different look:

Return images in the other section Kobe Smolders, The actress who plays the role of Maria Hill in the series Secret Attack, is apparently talking to Emilia Clarke in a picture. Of course, apparently in this scene from his series, he is going to be injured, and in one picture, you can see the makeup of Smolders’s face:

Of course, in two pictures, Kobe Smolders is next to him Ben Mendelssohn, The role of Talus is visible; but this is not the whole story. In fact, the appearance of the filming environment has changed to make the production site more similar to Russian cities. Apparently Nick Fury, Maria Hill and possibly Talus are on a secret mission; But are they targeting Emilia Clarke? Or are they looking to save him or catch someone else?

King Ben-Adir In the role of the main villain and negativity, Christopher MacDonald And Killian Scott, There are other actors who are in the series Secret Invasion and will play roles. It is said that the focus of the Secret Invasion series is on the race of scrolls who have apparently gained a lot of influence on the ground. This alien race was previously introduced in the movie Captain Marvel, and now their role is becoming more colorful.

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Kyle Bradstreet He will appear as a writer and executive producer on the Secret Invasion series. More on Broadstreet to write the script for 9 episodes of Mr. Robot is known to have been acclaimed as the producer of this series, and has once been nominated for an Emmy Award. also Thomas Bezucha, Director of Let Him Go together Ali SalimThe director of The Looming Tower will direct various episodes of The Secret Invasion.

The Secret Invasion series is expected to be produced in 6 episodes of 40 to 50 minutes and aired on Disney Plus in 2022 or 2023.

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