Emphasize Levin on not playing a role in building the new bioshock

In a new interview, Ken Levine confirmed that he had no involvement in the production of the new version of Bioshock.

In the latest game news, Ken Levin In an interview with the Arcade Attack podcast, who is known for creating the BioShock game series, he denied any involvement in creating a new version of BioShock. Levine responded to questions about rumors of his collaboration with the Cloud Chamber team in creating a new version of BioShock:

“I know as much about this game as other people (people like gamers or journalists who are not involved in the project). When this game is released, I will definitely experience it as a gamer. “But at the moment I have to say that I have never been involved in its production and as a result, I have no information about the new BioShock game.”

Levine talked about Bioshock in another interview. A project for which he had special plans but never saw the light of day. Speaking about the film, Levine mentions his interest in working more and deeper with the filmmakers and says:

“The goals of the filmmakers had nothing to do with the attitude and goals of the creators of the Bioshock series.”

Levin is currently working on his new game at Ghost Story Studios. Quoted from Jason Schreier Who is one of the well-known journalists of the gaming industry, this work, whose name is not even known yet, is in a difficult situation of development. [به‌اصطلاح در جهنم توسعه] contract. Of course, some other reporters in the game world have considered Sharia’s words to be untrue. However, for now, we have to wait and see when Ken Levine will finally end his long absence and introduce his new game.

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