End of Ubisoft support for Watch Dogs: Legion


Ubisoft has officially announced that post-release content for Watch Dogs: Legion will no longer be released, and Update 5.6 is the latest update to the game.

The fifth chapter of the online part of Watch Dogs: Legion game called Stripes will be available soon, and after releasing various updates for this game, Ubisoft finally announced that the content will no longer be available to users after its release. In a statement, Ubisoft explained on its official website that Update 5.6 is the latest update to be released for Watch Dogs League.

After the end of the fifth season, the third to fifth seasons of the game are continuously available to users to earn their lost rewards. The upcoming awards also include the appearance of a different form of Eden Pierce jacket, Jackson mask and different sets of clothes.

“We can no longer be proud of the game we created,” Ubisoft said. We also thank all the players who joined us on this adventure for over a year in London. “We look to the future to see more of your adventures in Lignin.”

What do you think about Zomji users? Were you satisfied with Watch Dogs Legion? Which content did you experience after the release of the game, such as the free add-on package or the contents of the online section?

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