Environmental variety and whipping in the new Alden Ring gameplay display


Game Informer Media in a new four-minute video showed different environments from Alden Ring game.

Elden Ring game on February 25 (March 6) for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox X Series | Available for Xbox S Series, Xbox One and PC. Now, Game Informer, which has chosen the artistic image of Alden Ring for the cover of its new issue of its magazine, has started playing a new video of its gameplay. Created by joining several short gameplay videos together, this show puts an environment full of water and enemies in front of gamers in particular. Sound and vision also speak to the power of atmosphere.

Due to the invisibility of the character health bar, it is not possible to obtain accurate information about the amount of damage inflicted by enemy attacks. But without a doubt, it is interesting to see things like spear and whip attacks on strange enemies created by FaramSoft Studio.

Download video from Aparat

The intriguing performance of a spell in a part of the battle makes the enemy have no understanding of the character’s presence for a certain period of time. So he pushes the player behind him and enters the creature with a spear. An interesting chase of a ghost takes a few seconds of this show.

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