Establishment of Sega’s second major studio in Japan

Sega has announced that it has established its second main studio in Japan under the name Sega Sapporo, which will carry out various tasks.

According to the latest game news, Sega has announced that it has launched its second major studio in Japan, called Sega Sapporo. As its name suggests, Sega’s new studio has been established in Sapporo, Hokkaido Prefecture, Japan. Sega, of course, currently owns several gaming studios in Japan. However, these studios, which include Sonic Team and Ryo Ga Gotoku Studio, operate separately from the Tokyo-based company. As a result, the Sapporo branch becomes Sega’s second major studio.

According to the Sapporo Branch website, the newly established studio is set to take on various responsibilities in areas such as game development, design, software debugging, sales, import and export of gaming hardware and software. In addition, “planning, producing and selling products related to Sega characters” will be another part of Sapporo Studio’s tasks.

Sega Sapporo is currently looking to recruit, and based on job postings posted on his website, it can be seen that he intends to create new environments and characters for Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis. Another point is that Sega Sapporo is managed by one of the Sega veterans. Takaya Segawa Joining the Japanese game developer in 1992 and co-producing Phantasy Star Online 2, he will take the helm of the new studio.

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Segava has issued a statement saying that Sapporo Studios is set to use the knowledge and capabilities that Sega has acquired over the many years of its life to create new and creative games. Segawa also notes that the Sapporo branch “strives to provide inspiring and emotional experiences to gamers, and that studio executives will value their employees.”

Sega announced last fall that it wanted to spend nearly $ 1 billion over the next few years to increase its gaming capacity, and the establishment of Sapporo Studios seems to be one of the steps the company has taken to increase its capacity. In addition, it was in May of this year that Sega announced that it planned to build a “supergame” or supergame in the next few years that would have great potential for growth, be “available worldwide” and expand the “player community” and “online” features. Will focus.

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Sega is one of the companies in Japan that has a large network of game studios around the world. After acquiring British studio Creative Assembly, the creator of the Total War series, in 2005, they moved on to other studios; These include Sports Interactive (creator of the Football Manager series), Relic (creator of the Company of Heroes game series), Atlus (Japanese creator of the Persona game series), Amplitude (creator of the Humankind game), and Two Point (creator of the Two Point Hospital).

Sega’s financial report stated some time ago that in addition to building the “cloud game”, the company is simultaneously developing several other game development projects and will be released in the next five years, including the construction of a first-person shooter game in a European studio. Is. The game was probably made by Creative Assembly Studios, which at the time was recruiting to create “a new and exciting first-person shooter game”; The work that Creative Assembly later published a picture of it to realize the atmosphere of space and science-fiction. Sega also plans to “use its IPs to build remasters, remakes and reboots” in the coming years.

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