Excellent graphics of Gran Turismo 7 racing game in the new gameplay video


Gran Turismo 7 looks prettier than ever in the new gameplay videos.

With less than a month to go until the release of Polyphony Digital Studios’ latest production, new video gameplay continues after the State of Play event for Gran Turismo last week. In the latest game news, GameInformer Media has released a new 15-minute demo of the GT7 gameplay, which shows the high level of game graphics.

Gran Turismo 7 is the first numbered version of this series after Gran Turismo 6 in 2013, and die-hard fans of this series are eagerly waiting for its experience. In this new video, members of the GameInformer editorial team will explain the different modes and parts of the game. Detailed photos in Scapes, the GT Cafe section that was added to the game for the first time in this version, new cars and tracks are some of the things that we become more familiar with in this video. You can watch this show below.

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In other news of the highly anticipated game, some time ago, the Japanese studio Polyphony Digital officially announced that the Gran Turismo 7 will be available on Sony’s eighth and ninth generation consoles from a platform or intercom game (Cross-generation Multiplayer) between PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4.

Excellent technical graphics are not the only positive thing that Gran Turismo 7 gets thanks to the power of the PlayStation 5. The makers also took advantage of special dual-sensitivity and 3D sound capabilities. There are more than 420 cars in the game from the day of release and players can drive on 97 race tracks. The presence of a large number of different parts in Gran Turismo 7 also allows the gamer to do a lot of work in the technical adjustment of the car. Of course, the number of cars and other items will increase with different updates. Because Polyphony Digital Studio is accustomed to long-term support for its true driving simulator game.

Gran Turismo 7 racing game will be released on March 4 (March 4) for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4. What do you think about Zomji users? Share your views with us and others.

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