Expansion of Deviation Games with the establishment of a studio in Canada


Deviation Games, which is working with Sony’s XDev team on the game for the PlayStation 5, now has a studio in the United States and a studio in Canada.

Given that work on the first game of the Deviation Games team has begun in earnest, we are now seeing the growth of this Sony partner with the establishment of a studio in Canada and the employment of various game developers at high speed. The main Deviation Games studio is located in the state of California, USA, and according to the latest reports, it employs more than 110 people. According to the latest game news, it seems that the main goal of Deviation Games Canada will be to help the main team based in Los Angeles so that the studio can find the players it needs in two different parts of the world.

Jason Blandell, Former director of Treyarch Activision Studios, is working on Deviation Games, along with several other game developers who worked on the Call of Duty game series; The play will be released for PlayStation 5 under the PlayStation Studios brand and by Sony’s interactive entertainment division. Blandel said a few weeks ago that he seriously wanted the game to not be a “normal, boring, and emotionless” work at all.

Members of Deviation Games Studio, a Sony partner

It has not yet been announced in what genre the Deviation Games studios will be made. But the production team is looking to hire people who have experience in shooting, action, RPG and online. As a result, different people make different predictions about the possible style of gameplay, depending on the differences in the descriptions of the company’s job postings.

Some time ago Dave Anthony“The experience of working with Sony has been truly amazing and we will never have the opportunity to give you anything we want from our publisher,” said Call of Duty: Black Ops director and senior member Deviation Games. Give ยป. You can read the full text of her and Jason Blandel interview in the article “Deviation Games executives talk about working with PlayStation.”

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