Expressing user dissatisfaction with the lack of content Red Dead Online


Following Rockstar Games’ recent tweet about Red Dead Online, users complained about the lack of new content in the game.

One of the things that determines the success or failure of online games is the release of updates and add-on packages that provide users with new and fresh content. Rockstar Games has done this well through GTA Online, but as it should and perhaps does not pay attention to Red Dead Online.

Rockstar Games’ Twitter account recently announced in a tweet that Red Dead Online users can celebrate the New Year with prizes in A Land of Opportunities and content such as Call to Arms and Gang Hideouts. Many Red Dead Online content is almost two years old. In other words, more than half of the game is made up of old content, and Rockstar Games has not released any new content.

As a result, several users expressed their dissatisfaction with Rockstar tweets and demanded the release of new content. User dissatisfaction with a hashtag called SaveRedDeadOnline was accompanied by more than 10,000 tweets in one day and became one of the trending Twitter hashtags. Unlike Grand Theft Auto Online, for which Rockstar Games is releasing new content, the developers do not seem to have any specifics for Red Dead Online at this time.

Even New Year tweets related to inviting users only include new bonuses and we do not see any new content in it. Now we have to wait and see how the development team reacts to user feedback and whether we will finally see a significant expansion of Red Dead Online.

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