Extension of Psygnosis trademark ownership by Sony


Sony has once again registered the trademark of Psygnosis Studio under its own name; The studio that no longer exists and Firesprite was born of PlayStation.

Roberto Serrano, A business analyst recently found out that Sony last December (December-December) extended the ownership of the Psygnosis studio brand in the United States. However, this brand has not been used anywhere since 2000. Of course, Sony’s new move could simply be to prevent a North American person or company from using the brand name or image of its famous owl.

The roots of Firesprite Studios, which Sony bought this year and added to its subsidiaries, go back to the former Psygnosis Studios, and can be said to have come out of it somehow. However, even this does not necessarily mean that Sony intends to establish a new studio called Psygnosis or to revive the brand in any way.

Sony Firesprite Studio Office

Records show that Sony first applied for the Psygnosis trademark in North America in 1997 under the Japanese company name; The application was accepted in the summer of 2001 and Psygnosis was officially registered as one of Sony’s intellectual property that year. Of course, the Psygnosis trademark was registered in the UK before it was registered in the United States in 2001.

Under North American law, trademarks remain in the possession of individuals or companies for only 10 years. Accordingly, Sony renewed its ownership of Psygnosis in the summer of 2011, and this is the third time it has done so in 10 years. All this while Sony has not used the trademark since 2000, and was replaced by the Liverpool branch of the PlayStation (which was later dissolved and from which FireSpright Studios was born).

In light of the above, trademark renewal seems to be a routine practice, and is probably done solely to protect Sony’s trademark ownership. Psygnosis Studios was founded in 1984 and became famous for making games such as the Lemmings series and Shadow of the Beast for computers and consoles at the time.

Gameplay The first version of Wipeout on PlayStation 1

Psygnosis Studio was the creator of the Wipeout game series

The British studio was acquired by Sony in 1993 and produced successful games such as Wipeout, Destruction Derby and the Formula 1 series early in the life of the PlayStation 1 console. Psygnosis was renamed SCE Studio Liverpool in 2000 and closed in 2012. The members of Sony’s former studio in Liverpool were divided into several teams, each of which set up its own studio, one of which, as mentioned above, was Firesprite.

FireSpring is currently working with Guerilla Games to develop Horizon Call of the Mountain, which will be released exclusively for the PSVR2 virtual reality headset. It also looks like the studio is making a reboot of the Twisted Metal game series.

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