Extensive improvements to Horizon Forbidden West over the first game


In a recent video, Ijian discusses the details and improvements of Horizon Forbidden West over the previous version.

Guerilla Games Studio proved with Horizon Zero Dawn that it can create a high-quality open-world action-role-playing game with a unique atmosphere; The work did not have many positive aspects, but at the same time it contained things that seemed to need to be changed or improved in the aftermath. IGN has now released a video that explores the intriguing details of Horizon Forbidden West and shows the extent of the changes and improvements of the second version of the Horizon series compared to the first.

For example, one of the things that has improved in Horizon Forbidden West is the number of items that can be found in the Inventory. الوی, The protagonist of the series kept, will not be limited. Of course, this does not mean that Alvi, like games like GTA, can carry as many weapons or equipment as it wants, and there are still restrictions. But now he will have access to Stash in cities and residential areas across the map to which additional items will be transferred.

Shine on the surface of the water and the illumination on the eve of the fight against the big car monster in the Horizon Forbidden West PlayStation Sony

The player has quick access to the health-restoring items stored in the Stash, and for example, if he needs to fill his inventory quickly with the items on the battlefield, he can do so by holding down the button on the controller. The Elf Focus tool has also been improved. In Horizon Forbidden West, holding down the R3, you can use this versatile device and scan the environment with it. Also, the focus now shows the surfaces that Alvi can climb in the form of a hologram. It can be said that this method will definitely be better than designing interactive yellow surfaces (which is common in other games).

In Horizon Zero Down, in order to find out which parts of a robot can be used and removed, we have to rotate the camera on different parts of the robot with the analog on the right side of the controller so that the important parts of its body are highlighted. In Horizon Forbidden West, this has become easier, and Alvi can now browse all the detachable parts using the left-up buttons, so you no longer have to rotate the camera on different parts of their body. In addition, in Horizon Forbidden West, we can keep the parts we want to separate from the robot body in the same highlighted form so that we can see those parts more easily when fighting.

Alloy among the NPCs of Horizon Forbidden West Studio Gorilla Games

Another thing that the developers have mentioned before is that Alvi spends more time in Horizon Forbidden West in cities with different NPCs. Unlike the first version cities where there were not many activities to do, Horizon Forbidden West cities are places where players can do all kinds of activities.

In addition to receiving sub-missions from the characters, Alvi can experience a board game called Machine Strike in the cities and towns of Horizon Forbidden West, buy weapons, clothing, and equipment from various vendors, access his Stash, and acquire his weapons and armor. Upgrade desktops for this task. There are also special places in cities where players can enter the battlefield of robots and improve their skills in this area.

What do Zomji users think about the improvements and changes made to Horizon Forbidden West? Share your comments with us and other users if you wish.

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