Fight for revenge in the short film and promotional game Sifu


Sifu’s short and promotional film focuses on the main gameplay features and story of this game, preparing the fans for a revenge-oriented and full of conflict story.

Recently, during the latest game news, a 9-minute live-action adaptation of Sifu has been released, which prepares fans to experience this effect. The short film in question was made in collaboration with the game’s creators, Sloclap Studio, with the production team of this live-action. Responsible for supervising the production team, directing, writing and editing the work Christopher Clark Cowan (Christopher Clark Cowan).

Sifo’s short live-action and commercials depict the story and nature of the gameplay on a small scale. In this film, we see a kung fu-kar who, in revenge for his family, decides to go to war with five dangerous killers. To reach his goal, the protagonist must overcome many obstacles and win in heavy and ruthless battlefields. Pakmi fighting techniques along with special components of Sifo’s gameplay, such as Return from Death at the cost of the protagonist’s aging, are some of the things that are directly adapted in this short film.

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Sifu, which was created with the support of the PlayStation Independent Games Support Division, will be available to gamers on February 8 (February 7) on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC (via the Epic Store). If you have also watched this short film, write your opinion about it to Zomji.

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