Fight the big acid snake in the new Horizon Forbidden West gameplay video


The official and short video of the Horizon Forbidden West gameplay depicts the battle with Slitherfang better than before.

Game Informer Media has released a new, silent clip of the Horizon Forbidden West gameplay, which shows Alvi’s battle with Slitherfang; A giant robotic snake that has a dangerous venom. Slitherfang, the only new Horizon Forbidden West machine creature compared to Horizon Zero Dawn, was inspired by the cobra and rattlesnake. He uses different powers to damage the environment and Aloy.

At the end of his throat is an acid-filled chamber that gives the Slitherfang tremendous ability to attack remotely if not destroyed by fire. Meanwhile, this machine creature with its long and scary tail has the ability to generate electric waves. The builders built this huge enemy very carefully, which is why we see it wagging its tail like a rattlesnake before attacking. Members of the Gorilla Games studio have previously said that they have worked well on the behavior patterns of the various enemies in Horizon Forbidden West so that the gamer has a better chance of winning over them if he pays attention carefully.

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The Dutch game studio has confirmed that not only are we able to separate parts of Slitherfang’s tail with accurate shots, but we can also use them to attack him. Of course, this dangerous robot can show considerable resistance to electric shocks.

The protrusions on the creature’s neck allow it to propagate hissing sounds into the environment so that the elf is deaf for a few seconds. In this case, Alvi will not only move slowly, but also lose the ability to attack for a short time. As a result, his vulnerability to both types of Slitherfang attacks increases. Horizon director Forbiden West says it is not easy to dodge Slitherfang attacks; Especially when the poppy is temporarily weakened due to sound pulses.

Green versus red pollution in the art design of Horizon Forbiden West with the presence of Eloi and a machine on the cover of Game Informer magazine

The agile giant enemy looks really challenging. Due to its body structure, this terrifying creature can throw acid from a relatively high altitude. Also, depending on the remaining health of this robot, its attacks will change. So the player can not go through the whole fight just by relying on a specific strategy for the battle. When Alvi rises from any object, Slitherfang destroys it so that the player has to move.

The new production team says that by watching this new video of Horizon Forbidden West gameplay and reading all this information, you are not going to get acquainted with all the abilities of this powerful enemy. He seems to be able to do other things as well. This large machine creature is vulnerable to ice, and gamers will find different ways to defeat it, but stealth is definitely not one of them.

Horizon Forbidden West will be released on February 18 for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4.

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