Founded by New Tales Studios by former members of Activision and Ubisoft


Recently, a team of developers with experience in large companies such as Activision Blizzard, Ubisoft and Sega, has established a new studio called New Tales in Paris.

Studio New Tales, founded by a number of former members of companies such as Activision Blizzard, Ubisoft and Sega, is set to simultaneously develop and release various video games. With the studio’s founders working on more than two decades to develop different versions of the popular Call of Duty, Crash Bandicoot and Sonic the Hedgehog series, video game fans are eagerly awaiting more news about their new project.

According to reports, New Tales Studios is expanding its capabilities to build a new and unique IP; Therefore, it does not seem that the process of developing their new game has already begun. New Tales is also looking to work with other developers and publishers to support their new game.

According to Cedric Marshall, CEO of New Tales Studios, the release of new games in the industry is experiencing rapid growth, and developers are looking for ways to support the development and release of their work. Marshall also believes that working with other developers should be like uniting a team that strives for maximum success.

Prior to founding New Tales Studios, Cedric Marshall served as Blizzard’s senior vice president of international affairs. Julia Humphries, who previously oversaw Blizzard’s Overwatch game development process, now serves as senior game development consultant at New Tales Studios. Other members of New Tales include Vivendi, Sega, LucasArt, Ubisoft and Sierra.

Given that Ubisoft and Activision Blizzard have been accused of inappropriate workplaces in recent months, it seems that members of New Tales Studios, who have a long history of working in the series, need to explain their efforts to create a more talented one. Pay for a healthier work environment. Share your thoughts with Zumji about setting up a new New Tales studio.

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