Friday Orange 3 Travel Market: Plane ticket auction, tour and accommodation


Orange Friday 3 helps you to plan an affordable trip for yourself.

From the 8th to the 10th of Bahman, Safar Market has planned the 3rd Orange Friday Festival for you. This is the festival for the third year in a row. On Orange Friday 3, you can buy tourism products such as travel tours, plane tickets, train tickets, hotels and eco-lodges, etc. with special and incredible discounts. You can watch Orange Friday 3 at Travel Market application follow. If you are planning a cheap trip for yourself, check your mobile phone regularly from February 28 to 29.

What services are available on Orange Friday 3?

There are a variety of services in the Orange Friday Festival 3, the biggest advantage of using them is that in the period of 8 to 10 February, all these services include discounts of 5 to 90%. All popular travel products are included in this discount. Among these products, Airfare Domestic and international, travel tours, accommodation and various hotels include bigger discounts. For example, on Friday Orange, you can buy 3 domestic tours, such as the Mashhad tour for only 20,000 Tomans and the Kish tour for 49,000 Tomans. Foreign tours also include big discounts, for example, Istanbul tour is offered at a price of 299 thousand tomans.

Safar Market on Friday Orange 3 has a special discounted service for all tastes and all needs.

How to participate in Orange Friday 3?

If you, like thousands of Safarmarket users, do not want to miss Orange Friday 3, all you have to do is download the Safarmarket app on your device. To download this program, you can refer to the special page for downloading the app on the Safar Market website and install the program on your mobile phone.

After installing the program, you must run the program on your phone. By activating the Tidble Market Travel app, you will become an active user and you can participate in Orange Friday 3 and take advantage of incredible discounts on tourism products. You can plan your trip from now until the morning of February 29 and think about where you want to travel.

How to increase your chances of getting a discount on Orange Friday 3?

It should be noted that all tourism products offered on Orange Friday 3 have a discount. Some of these discounts are minor and some are larger. For example, among foreign tours, you can also find the Istanbul tour for 299 thousand tomans. Big discounts on Orange Friday 3 are called bombs. In order not to miss the Orange Friday Bombs 3, you must be active in the application and constantly check its different parts. There is another way you can find out sooner than the big discounts or the so-called Orange Friday Bombs. To do this, you can visit Safarmarket’s Instagram page at @safarmarket and follow it so that you do not miss its posts and announcements. On this Instagram page, Safar Market announces the Orange Friday Bombs 3 in the form of a post or story. Introduce this page to your friends and acquaintances so that they can provide an affordable trip for themselves.

Instagram has a feature for you so that you do not miss any of the posts or stories of Travel Market. Just click on the bell at the top of the page after following this page, and then all the posts and stories will be displayed to you as a message.

We set a record with you

Orange Friday History

At first, Orange Friday 1 was held simultaneously with Black Friday (Black Friday) in December 2009. A year later, Orange Friday 2 was held in 1399. In fact, Orange Friday or Black Friday was celebrated for the first time in the tourism industry, which is why Safarmarket Orange Friday became the first and only example in Iran. In the second year of Orange Friday, 13,000 bombs were presented in the application, which included discounts on plane tickets, travel tours, hotels, and so on. Many of these products had 90% discounts. Many of Iran’s top brands also participated in Orange Friday and considered a lot of discount codes on their services and products.

This year, Orange Friday 3 Travel Market will be held on the 8th to the 10th of Bahman 1400. Friday Orange 3 Travel Market is bigger, more passionate and exciting than every year, and in the days close to Nowruz, Friday Orange 3 Travel Market can be a great change in the travel market.

Travel Market and comprehensive travel and tourism services

Safarmarket site is one of the best sites in the field of tourism in Iran. All products and services related to travel can be obtained from Safar Market. In recent years, this site has been holding Orange Friday 3. By searching the Travel Market app on Orange Friday dates, you can buy tourism products with special discounts and prices much lower than the original prices.

Safar Market Virtual Market can offer you all travel services and products, including plane and train tickets, accommodation and hotels, travel tours, etc. On this site, with a simple search, you can view dozens of tours, tickets and hotels on one page and in one place, and compare them all. Selecting and buying cheap and suitable tourism products is a service that Safarmarket offers to all its users.

Other travel services of the market include a comprehensive travel blog. In this blog, there is useful information about domestic and foreign tourism destinations, multi-day travel guides to different cities, accommodations and hotels, popular souvenirs, etc. that you can use. With this information, you can make a quality and desirable trip for yourself.

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