Fun and entertaining boards for four players

Nothing can entertain a friend or family group of four like a fun game.

You may want to buy a new board for your little ones, but there are so many games on the market that they may not all be interesting to you. Whether you are a novice or a veteran, it is best to know some of the best 4-player games before you buy and choose the most suitable ones for you. In this article, we will introduce you to some four-player games. Some of them are simpler and more designed for laughter and fun, but at the end of the article, we will introduce some heavy and complex games for professionals.

Pishum, for a period full of laughter

If you do not have the patience for intellectual and strategic games and you are more looking for laughter, Pishum will make your collective mood happy. To play this game, you need a happy crowd, a little creativity, and a lot of mischief. The game is designed for 3 to 12 players and each player is supposed to fill in the blanks in the sentences with the funniest or weirdest words in their hands. In this game, there are no complicated rules, pieces, and dice. It is also possible for you to add a number of new words to the cards and enter the game.

My slave is Sturgeon

Stojit, a game of amazing images

Let’s start with the more popular and of course simpler games. Stojit is probably one of the simplest and most fun games you can try in your quadruple group. Stojit game is a combination of creativity and of course the power of mind-reading. This game can have up to eight players, and incidentally, the more players there are in the game, the more attractive it will be. If you like to socialize in the game and enjoy talking, you might like this abstract game.

In general, the game is such that in each hand of the player whose turn it is, a word or sentence is used to describe one of the cards in his hand. The other players try to give a card that is a true description to the person whose turn it is. The player’s turn then places the cards on the screen so that it is not clear who each card is for, and others have to guess which card is for him.

Monopoly, the most famous economic game

If you’re interested in classic slavery, you’ll definitely know Monopoly. In Iran, this game is also known as Rupali and Iupoli. It is no exaggeration to say that monopoly is my most famous economic slave. There is a possibility of two to eight players in this game, and as the name of the game suggests, the players try to get such monopolies from other players by taking the monopoly of the game houses and bankrupting them.

Of course, this game is played by rolling the dice, so everything does not depend on the economic choices of the people, but their luck is also involved in what happens to them. Anyone over the age of eight can participate in this game. But try to play this game at the right time, because it may take from twenty minutes to three hours.

Risk, decolonization in World War II

World War III has begun and all countries of the world are at war. It is your turn to try your luck to conquer and conquer the world. Risk play requires time, patience, precise strategy, and a bit of luck. So if you have all these and you like games that are a little complicated, it is not bad to consider the risk among your options when buying a board game. The number of players in this game is two to six, and the more the number of players is added, the more complex the game becomes. For this reason, its four-person version has special charms.

Bardgim village

Village, living in the Middle Ages

We are slowly getting to the heavy and complex games. The village is a semi-heavy game that takes place in an old village. In this game, you are the head of a family and you should try to gain honor for your family. Over time, each villager dies, but if they can earn honor for their family before that, they will share in the family victory.

The mechanics of this game are very unique and clever, and you need to use sophisticated tactics to win the game. You can entertain your group of 2 to 4 people with this strategy game. The whole game lasts between an hour and an hour and a half until either the history of the village or its cemetery is filled.

Cavern: Cave Farmers, a game for professionals

If you are a fan of board games, you may not enjoy playing simple games like Monopoly anymore. In this case, after a while, you will probably want to try heavier games and challenge your mind. Cavern is a heavy and complex game that you must first take the time to learn. This game is based on farming. In this game, you are the head of a family that starts with a farmer couple. The number of things you can do in this game is huge; From agriculture and animal husbandry to digging mountains to reach precious stones.

This game is designed for 1 to 7 players and its four-player version lasts about two hours. Caverna is somehow a more sophisticated version of Agricola. So if you want to try a simpler version, you can go for that game, and if you like Agricola and would like to play a more complex version, Caverna would be an ideal choice for you.

Concluding remarks

There are many types of board games. Everyone prefers one of these games according to their personality traits and tastes. These games can be both an intellectual and educational toy for children and adolescents and entertain adults. In this article, we tried to introduce you to some of the most popular four-player board games so that you can choose from them according to your taste and have fun in your friends and family gatherings.

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